My husband is the type of person who loves to be the centre of attention…I’m not!

So, you can imagine my surprise (and embarrassment) with the way he proposed to me in the middle of the Dolphin Show in Seaworld.

The whole day had been weeks in planning, as he had to make sure that they would pick me out of the crowd to play with the dolphin.

Seaworld had been given a photograph of me and when the time came he threw my arm up and lo-and-behold they picked me!!

Fear came over as I don’t like attention directed to me, I had already swam with the dolphins but I went along with it anyway, I had no choice.

Behind the scenes....little did I know that while I was playing with the dolphin he was getting ready in position at the front of the crowd...when I say crowd, it was school holidays so there were thousands of people watching...The girl asked me a few questions about my time with the dolphin and then she asked the crowd if anyone had a question, husband did!

By this stage panic came over me and I froze, then the tears started.

He took the microphone and started telling the crowd how we met, etc (a big awww was heard) and then he read a poem, which led to him pulling the ring out of his pocket, going down on one knee and proposing.

Seaworld ensured that a photographer was there taking photos and they got the dolphins to jump out of the water behind us at the right time as he gave me the ring. A tourist even recorded the moment and sent us a copy!!

We played it as an introduction for our wedding reception on a big screen for everyone to share!!

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