Samoan Beach Weddings

Life has changed precious little in Samoa over the decades - and we're extremely grateful.

With an easily accessible location in the heart of Polynesia, just five hours from Australia's east coast, Samoa is an archipelago of 10 islands in the heart of the South Pacific, only four of which are inhabited, and it's popularity as a dreamy wedding destination hotspot is on the rise - and we can sure see why.

The main islands, Upolu and Savai'iĀ are fringed by unspoiled coral reefs and picture-perfect blue lagoons, while inland the islands are home to volcanic peaks, cascading waterfalls, gorgeous and sparkling cave pools just waiting to be explored.

Bride And Groom On A Samoa Beach

Acclaimed for its hospitality, magnificent beaches, thousand-year old traditions and genuine belief that marriage is sacred - and hence worthy of a grand celebration - there's a sublime spot in Samoa to suit, whatever the size of your wedding.

Traditionally, Samoan brides are led to their groom by a group of warriors and serenaded in song backed by the bold beats of the Samoan drums. Why not incorporate one of these magical cultural elements into your own wedding - adding a talking point, a touch of fun and a nod of respect to traditions that date back thousands of years?

From simple waterfront beach fales where the scenery really is the star to luxurious spa resorts you won't want to leave, Samoa is home to a range of accommodation to suit your budget, with ocean transfers available to whisk you to your wedding destination of choice.

Bride And Groom At Their Samoa Wedding

For the all-important exchange of vows, what could beat standing in front of swaying palms, gorgeous green gardens, pretty little churches or barefoot in the breakers.

June, July and August are the driest months of the year - but don't take that as a rain-free guarantee so as for any outdoor wedding have a wet weather plan in place.

For those few moments in between cocktails and breezy afternoon naps, there's plenty to keep your guests entertained, from day trips to snorkel with turtles, hikes with views to die for, village shopping and deep sea fishing, while the wonderfully friendly Samoans make warm babysitters for any little ones in your party.

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