Couple Hugging In The Water In Samoa

Leaving the fun bits aside for a moment, let's get to the legalities of saying "I Do" in Samoa.

Firstly, you'll need originals and copies of both of your birth certificates and passports along with a completed Intent to Marry form lodged with the Ministry of Justice at least 14 days before you arrive, with a small fee payable.

Visa requirements will depend how long you're staying and you'll also need to investigate how long before your big day you must submit documentation to your resort - it can be as far forward as a month - but your wedding coordinator should be able to advise on this type of detail.

Most Christian denominations are well represented in Samoa, with options for both religious celebrants (Methodist) and non-religious, with Catholic ceremonies possible with special permission from the Cardinal's office in Apia and correspondence from your local priest.

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