Known for its incredible beaches ripe for surfing and snorkelling, as well as fabulously affordable shopping and accommodation, dramatic sunsets, and of course - romance in spades - Hawaii has long been a favourite with American couples, but it's finding its feet as a divine destination wedding location for a growing number of loved-up Aussies.

The sheer diversity of the islands' geography is incredible, lending itself perfectly as the most magnificent backdrop for wedding ceremonies, whether by the beach, in lush green gardens, on clifftops, in secluded coves or cultural cities - there are volcanic vistas, waterfalls and beaches at every turn all just crying out for a cute couple to complete the picture.

There are wedding service providers aplenty on the ground in Hawaii to make sure your every need can be met in a minute, while the range of activities on offer across the islands will have your guests in raptures, from the grandparents to any littlies to the big boys (the golfing is unbelievable) and of course, the girls - shopping, spa treatments, massages - yep we think they'll be happy.

destination weddings in hawaii

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And while most people's thoughts turn to the seaside when they think of this little patch of the Pacific, the inland areas also have plenty to offer those with an adventurous nature, or those looking for a wedding location or pre and post-party activities with a difference, from exploring the lava fields to bush walking to four-wheel driving - and that's just for starters. In fact, each island boasts its own diverse micro-environment with unique weather, wildlife and flora - and of course wedding locations.

And while the weather in Hawaii is consistently terrific, with the average temperature from May to October standing at nearly 30 degrees, dropping to an average of just over 25 degrees between November and April, it pays to avoid American school holiday periods where possible as besides prices going sky high, the crowds do too.

Legal Requirements On Getting Married In Hawaii

When you arrive in Hawaii the bride and groom must obtain a marriage license. The license can be obtained from a marriage license agent such as the The Honolulu Marriage License Office and you both have to appear in person in order to obtain the marriage license.

Generally there is no waiting period for your license, it is granted on application.

Both bride and groom will need to be over the age of 18 years. If you are 18 years old or younger, then you will need to present a certified copy of your birth certificate to the marriage license agent and if either of you are under eighteen, then you also need a written consent form from both parents, a legal guardian, or from a family court judge.

To prove you are over 18 years old, you will need to prove when applying for the marriage license, a drivers license is usually enough although we recommend you take a copy of your birth certificate just in case.

If either partner has been married before, the date, city or/and country in which the divorce was finalised for each previous marriage must be proven, usually by presenting a divorce decree.

Once the marriage license is obtained, you have thirty (30) days to get legally married in Hawaii.

Wedding Tip:

Valentine's Day is a hugely popular date for weddings in Hawaii and while it might seem romantic, you may change your mind if you have to wait in line for the wedding celebrant to marry you.

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