Couple Relaxing In A Hammock Whilst On Their Fiji Island Honeymoon

One of the huge things in Fiji's favour as a wedding destination - besides friendly people, fab resorts, gorgeous beaches, we could go on... - is its accessibility from Australia, with daily flights from Sydney and frequent services from Melbourne and Brisbane on a number of carriers. Even family with small children will be able to stomach a Fijian flight time of just a few hours.

The size of your wedding party may play a part in determining whether you opt for a large five-star resort on the mainland or one of the rustic, romantic islands dotted around the azure seas. If you're island bound you can arrange boat transfers for you and your guests, or if the budget stretches, go glamorous and fly in and out via charter seaplane or chopper - talk about making an entrance!

When it comes to ceremony options, choose between a backdrop of swaying coconut palms, lush green gardens, exchanging vows in a traditional church or chapel or absolute beachfront, with the turquoise waters lapping your perfectly manicured feet. You can even go the full Fijian experience with local singers serenading you up the aisle, or have warriors on hand to fire up your reception.

Remember the rainy season runs from November until March and while accommodation and package deals may be cheaper at this time, there's always the small but slightly stressful possibility of a serious downpour or tropical storm which may just mess with your outdoor wedding plans. June on the other hand is the driest month with slightly cooler temperatures but being the tropics, besides knowing you'll be warm, it's hard to bank 100 per cent on anything else when it comes to the weather.  For any tropical destination have a wet weather plan.

If your guests are likely to want to do more than sip pina coladas by the pool (although we're not sure why), there are island excursions, deep sea fishing, scuba diving expeditions, volcano treks,village shopping and golf courses aplenty to keep them entertained, while most larger or family-friendly resorts offer excellent and affordable kids clubs to keep the under-12s blissfully busy and out of their parents' (or your) hair as you prepare to say 'I Do'.

The Legals

Let's get to the legal stuff for just a moment, you'll need a marriage licence to tie the knot in the tropics and to obtain one you'll need to present an original or certified copy of your birth certificates, your passports, relevant documents if a former spouse has died or either of you is divorced and a letter confirming your current marital status from an Australian marriage registry or a statutory declaration signed by a JP or solicitor. Just remember you'll need to be in Fiji for a least three working days prior to your wedding day with requirements for Catholic ceremonies slightly different so be sure to investigate and get all your ducks in a row before you finalise your flights or accommodation bookings.

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