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A place rich with culture, history, fabulous food & wine and not to mention passionate people, makes Italy one of our favourite places to tie the knot!

What You Need To Know:

The Wedding Ceremony

To be legally married in Italy you will firstly need to apply for a Certificate Of No Impediment - often overseas marriage authorities require evidence that you are free to marry!! These documents are issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through overseas Consulates and Embassses and state and territory offices to Australian citizens seeking to marry overseas. The process can take approximately three weeks.

Once you have this, send it to the person organising your wedding ceremony, along with a clear copy of your Australian passports, your original birth certificate and original divorce or widow decrees (if any).

When You Get There

On arrival, approximately three days prior to the wedding, you must do a declaration in front of the Italian authorities - The Nulla Osta. This is a general term referring to the necessary civil document which all foreign citizens (non Italians) must provide prior to marrying in Italy. Australians need to do this in Italy at the Consulate.

If you are having a religious wedding, you must do a declaration in the town hall in the area where you are marrying, again with an interpreter and two witnesses. Ask the person who is handling your wedding ceremony to do this.

Accommodation in Italy includes private guesthouse stays, hotels, appartments, villa estates - which give the added benefit of having the ceremony and wedding breakfast on the villa grounds.

Getting Around Italy

 The main airport for international arrivals are Rome or Malpensa (north-west of Milan) - if you are marrying outside of Rome make sure you visit the Australian Embassy before you leave to sign the Nulla Osta.

From here you can choose to fly, travel by train or car.

Wedding Dress

Hiring formalwear is not a popular request in Italy. If you are planning on buying your suit or wedding dress in Italy, give yourself enough time to find one and stick with the major cities.

If you are taking your wedding dress from Australia, ask, beg, plead or bribe to have your dress taken with you on the plane. Nothing would be worse than finding out your dress has turned up somewhere in Heathrow airport!!

10 wedding ceremony recommendations in Italy:

  1. In an old palace overlooking St Marks Square.
  2. In a traditional Venetian Gondola.
  3. A wedding on the terrace of the Positano Town Hall overlooking the sea and the town of Positano.
  4. A religious ceremony in a private chapel within the grounds of a Tuscan villa or in an Italian church.
  5. In the gardens of a villa overlooking the countryside.
  6. Renting a villa estate for a week or so and holding your wedding on the property.
  7. In a hot-air balloon or on a private boat cruising the Northern lakes or the southern Mediterranean sea.
  8. Rent a villa in Settingnano or Fiesole and marry overlooking the city Florence
  9. Marry in Matera, a UNESCO world heritage site
  10. Marry in a medieval town in Tuscany, try San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Montepulciano, Pienza, Volterra
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