If you are an overseas couple planning to marry in Australia you will need to consider the following points to ensure your marriage is legal and the wedding day runs smoothly.

Do you need to be an Australian Citizen to marry in Australia?

No. Anyone may marry in Australia providing you are both over the age of 18 and not already legally married.

What documents do we need to lodge? 

You will need to lodge a Notice Of Intended Marriage at least 1 month and 1 day and no more than 18 calender months before you marry. If you have organised a wedding celebrant (civil marriage celebrant), they can help organise this on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can download the form from the Attorney General's web site

Do we need to be in Australia or have lived in Australia for any given time before we can marry?

No. If you wanted to you could marry the day that you arrive from overseas, although you must have already lodged your Notice of Intended Marriage form at least 1 month and 1 day before the wedding.

Will the marriage be recognised in my own country?

You will need to confirm this with your own government authorities which records marriages in your country.

Can I marry anywhere in Australia?

Yes. You are allowed to marry on most beaches and parklands. You will need an authorised wedding celebrant or civil marriage celebrant to perform a wedding ceremony outside of a church or synagogue.

Can we re-marry in Australia after being married in another country?

No. The marriage is not legal if you are already married. You can however hold a renewal of vows ceremony or a commitment ceremony.

Are same sex marriages legal in Australia?

Yes!!!! We voted Yes in 2017 to marriage equality.

How many witnesses do we need?

You need two witnesses present at your Marriage Ceremony who are over the age of 18. Any person can act as a witness, even your parents or siblings. The wedding celebrant or religious minister cannot act as a witness.

What other documents will I need to have with me to marry in Australia?

You will need original (no photocopies) birth certificates, passports, divorce decrees (divorce papers) or death certificate.

Can we use legal paperwork that is in another language?

No. Legal documents and paperwork must be submitted in English by a recognised/registered translator.

What more should I know about getting married in Australia?

Spring is the most popular season with October being the most popular month to get married in Australia.  The autumn month of April is just as popular as our first Spring month September. 

Consider a wedding during the Australian winter season - June-August. The skies are usually cloud free and blue and the temperature sits around 12-22 degrees celsius depending on where you are. 

We recommend booking your wedding venue first as the best locations always go quickly during the most popular months.  

How do I find wedding services in Australia?

We recommend you browse the vendors and venues in our wedding directory or simply email victoria@i-do.com.au who can help put you in touch with the right businesses.

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