For couples keen to combine their big day with a getaway, Bali has long been a firm favourite - and it's not hard to see why. With its blissful beaches, activities aplenty, fabulous food and diverse mix of budget and deluxe accommodation, it's a rare crowd pleaser with something for everyone.

However, cocktails and clifftop bars aside, Bali isn't Australia, and things are done differently, so it's worth delving a little deeper to ensure your romantic day runs as smoothly as possible.

With over a decade devoted to weddings Botanica Bali has got all the inside info to plan a worry-free wedding. Check out their top tips and tricks below,

1. Engage an expert - hire a wedding planner 

bali wedding planners

While the idea of saying ‘I Do' in Bali seems simple enough, the reality of making it happen often isn't. Unless you speak the language (or have a translator close by) and know your way around the island, it can be difficult to get things done.

While the laidback island life may be why you picked Bali in the first place, it can also be the cause of much frustration with many local operators not operating with the same tight deadlines we're used to back home - despite their incredibly hospitality and good intentions.

While the idea of organising everything yourself may appeal to budget-savvy brides, your wedding probably isn't the day you want to use to test your talents as an event planner in an overseas country.

Our advice? Swap DIY for delegation and let an experienced wedding planner steer the ship, using their hands-on knowledge and connections to avoid any last-minute mishaps or delays, ensuring any potential issues are well and truly sorted before the big day.

2. Venue first, invitations second 

bali wedding planners

Your wedding venue is THE key to a successful wedding in Bali, so don't do anything until you've got it locked down.

Experienced, and popular, venues will typically only host one wedding per day - which means yours will get the attention it deserves - and are often booked out many months in advance.

Once you've selected your venue and secured your booking, in writing and with some kind of down-payment, not just a verbal agreement, then and only then is it safe to send out your save the dates, or invitations. With so many diverse venues and divine destinations to consider, it's worth hunting around for a location you absolutely love - it'll set the scene, and the tone, for everything else.

3. One company - many benefits 

bali wedding planners

Finding, and managing multiple suppliers in Bali is a major hassle, so many clued-up couples opt to work with one coordinating company instead. Chasing down florists, calling caterers or stressing over tardy transport are not ways you want to spend, or remember, your wedding day.

By selecting one trustworthy operator to liaise with various suppliers and vendors on your behalf you can free up your time to focus on your friends and family, relaxed in the knowledge it's all under (someone else's) control.

4. Be realistic about your budget - Bali isn't always a bargain 

Bali weddings

While saving money on your wedding is an honorable aim, and certainly one that's possible to achieve in Bali, it's important to remember that weddings cost money - wherever they are - and while there are opportunities to organise a big day on a tight budget, the ‘you get what you pay for' concept also applies in Bali.

We estimate that a mid-range wedding in Bali costs about two-thirds of its equivalent back in Australia, so companies quoting well below that mark are likely cutting corners somewhere, or may be guilty of over-promising and under-delivering.

Make sure ‘oversights and extras', such as fees and taxes, are included in your quoted price - they can seriously add up and in Bali they're often not included in the initial quote - even if it claims to be ‘all-inclusive'.

5. Don't forget to factor in traffic 

Fashionably late can take on an entirely new meaning in Bali, when standstill traffic can mess with even the best laid plans, including a trip to the altar. Whether you're meeting with florists, heading to a beauty appointment or trying to walk down the aisle on time, never forget to factor in the traffic and allow at least twice as long as you expect you'll need to travel anywhere. Yes, twice.

6. Make time for the two of you

bali wedding planners

We love the way a destination wedding allows you to enjoy an extended break with your nearest and dearest, but that doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment tied to the crowd.

Arrange to spend some much-needed precious time with your betrothed, whether it's a romantic breakfast, a walk on the beach or a couples' spa treatment, to ensure you don't end up too fraught and frazzled from the demands of family and friends.

Once the big day has been and gone, trust your loved ones to entertain themselves or make their own travel plans, while the two of you enjoy some down time in this gorgeous destination - together. From a few days in the lush jungles around Ubud to the countless stunning beach resorts in Bali's south, why not split your time, spread out and explore the delights of this little piece of paradise.

7. Suggest accommodation options for your guests 

bali wedding planners

Unless you've invited a bunch of Bali buffs, there's a fair chance your wedding research will have you better equipped than many of your guests to select well-located accommodation with easy access to your ceremony, and reception (remember that traffic we talked about!)

Try to pick places that aren't too far from you but have plenty of activities and facilities either on site or nearby to keep your guests occupied, and to free up your time to organise last-minute weddings bits and pieces, and enjoy some of the island life on your own.

8. Planning makes perfect - make the most of every moment 

Bali weddings

From blissed-out beach clubs, sumptuous spa treatments and cool cocktail bars to water parks, cultural experiences, market shopping and restaurants galore, there's plenty to entertain every kind of guest in Bali.

From a catered in-villa dinner complete with butler and bartenders to group spa bookings or inland outings, this is what sharing a destination wedding is all about.

With a raft of tried-and-tested vendors and suppliers on the ground in Bali, Botanica Bali are here to make your wedding planning - and the big day itself - picture-perfect, memorable...and stress-free. Just the way it ought to be.

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