Beach Wedding With Scattered Shoes Along The Sand

A destination wedding is a designated holiday for all your wedding guests that might run over one night, a few days or even a week! A wedding away from home allows for a series of rolling events not just one night of celebrations. Pre Wedding Cocktail Parties or low key dinners are usually planned for everyone on arrival, with post wedding get together's organised for the following day.

Most guests will arrive the day before the wedding but some will make a holiday out of the wedding event and arrive a few days earlier or stay a few days longer. It is a good idea to welcome your guests and organise a few drinks the night before the wedding that run over a couple of hours - not into the wee hours of the morning! This could be cocktails with canapes at the hotel bar, in the local pub or on the beach at sunset. This is a great way for guests to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding the following day.

On the morning of the weddingday you might want to organise a game of cricket, tennis or golf with the bridal party and any other willing wedding guests. If you are at an island destination could plan a snorkeling trip or a scuba dive before the formalities of the wedding day commence.

One bridal party we know of took a helicopter trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to scuba dive at sunrise, another bridal party decided on a sunrise hike to the peak of a mountain to enjoy a champagne breakfast at the top, another opted for a morning parachute descending over the regions vineyards with breakfast waiting them upon landing.

The day after the wedding it is a nice idea to hold a casual brunch or lunch, usually hosted by the couple or a relative or friend. Guests can drop in on their way home and say their goodbyes. This could be held in the marquee that was erected for the wedding where wedding guests who drop in could assist in consuming any left over food or wine, or be a catered for event on an island beach.

Here is a sample itinerary of a destination wedding that was held at a country retreat in NSW's Southern Highlands.


3pm The wedding ceremony rehearsal takes place in the garden for everyone involved in the wedding ceremony including the bridal party, readers and soloist.

5-8pm Cocktails and canapes in the hotel bar.

Saturday The Wedding Day!!

10am-2pm Game of cricket is organised for the groom and groomsmen and other willing participants followed by a meat pie from the Robertson pie shop!

11am - 3pm Bride and bridesmaids to the day spa for massage, nails, hair and make-up and of course lunch.

3pm Time for the Bridal Party to get dressed!

4.30pm The wedding begins!


Recovery brunch from 11am onwards.

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