So you have decided to go further from home to say your I Do's and declare your Wedding Day a holiday for all. Surely this will be a wedding to be remembered. But beware!! Don't let your wedding day be remembered as the holiday from hell for everyone!!

Here is your essential guide to ensure your wedding away from home is as you would dream it would be.

Find some great Australian wedding destinations

1. Research Research Research

If you are able to visit your chosen destination or send out a scout in preparation for the big day, then great, however if that is next to impossible then I would recommend you ask for some video footage or current photos of the locations for the ceremony and reception to be sent to you.

Request CURRENT testimonials and referrals - and if possible speak with previous couples who have married at the destination, enquire about the good and bad bits and if there would be anything that they may do differently.

2. Does The Destination Have A Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding is hard enough let alone planning one away from home, choose a destination that has an experienced Wedding Coordinator, (and one who will be with you throughout the planning process) to ensure that what your vision is for your day is the same as what the Destination can provide.

If there is no Wedding Coordinator available then make sure that your point of contact stays your point of contact throughout the planning process.

3. Consider Using A Travel Agent To Coordinate The Bookings For You And All Your Guests

If the guests are paying their own way there, give them the option to use your Agent or their own. This will avoid unnecessary stress and embarassment for everyone. The Travel Agent may be able to give you and your guests a better deal or upgrades at the destination for group bookings.

4. The Wedding Flowers

You can't really take your own wedding flowers half way across the world with you!! Ask if your chosen wedding destination has a qualified wedding florist that can supply FRESH flowers on the day.

Read up on the local flora. Don't request wedding flowers that may not be exotic to you however will be very expensive to transport to your wedding destination.

With more remote destinations, ask if they have in house florists with the correct refridgeration facilities to ensure the flowers will be in prisitne condition on the day.

If not you may need to be a little inventive with your bouquets and table decorations. Isolated wedding locations may limit flower selection to only what is available locally.

5. The Wedding Ceremony

Contact the person who will be marrying you on the day, and discuss with them how you see the wedding ceremony being played out.

Be sure to respect any religious or cultural expectations. 

6. Budget

Does the Destination offer an all-inclusive wedding package. A wedding package will help you stay in control of your budget.

Find out about the local cuisine and don't ask for foods that may not be exotic to you however may be very expensive to transport to your wedding destination.

7. Give Your Guests Plenty Of Notice

Send out a Save the Date notice to wedding guests early. Consider setting up a web info page with all the details and links to all the relevant informaiton. 

For destinations in Australia I would recomend at least 6 months notice, for overseas weddings I would recommend at least 10 months notice. The formal wedding invitations can be sent closer to the wedding date, say around 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

8. Daily Activities And Dress Codes

Include with the Save the Date notice to your wedding guests details of the wedding destination, how to travel there and where they can stay.

Include the contact details of various places the wedding guests can stay and a travel agent they may wish to book through.

It is essential that they also receive an itinerary of what is planned so guests can pack appropriately. The wedding itinerary may be sent with the formal wedding invitation.

9. Wedding Transport

Does the destination provide transport for you and your guests to get to and from the ceremony or reception if necessary.

10. Climate

Well you did want a February wedding...but in Siberia!! Make sure you check the average rainfalls and temperatures for your selected destination. Be sure you aren't planning your wedding in the middle of the typhoon season!! The local tourism websites will have all this information.

11. Plan B

Have a 'disaster zone' back-up plan particularly in areas that can be hit by cyclones. Just in case the 100mm of rain they receive each year doesn't all come down on your Wedding Day. And if you are planning your wedding in a potential war zone, have a Plan B in place in case all hell breaks lose!

Find your Plan A's and Plan B's here 

Wedding Ceremony By The Water In Thailand

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