VIBE Wedding Band has an impressive resume that speaks for itself having played with legends such as Ricky Martin and Guy Sebastian, as well as providing entertainment on The Voice, at the NRL Grand Final and more. 

We figured they'd be more qualified than us to talk all things 'live wedding music', so we picked their musical brains for the top tips for getting live music right for your big day:

sydney wedding band

Seek a specialist

While it's not imperative you choose singers or a band who specialise in performing at weddings, selecting someone with at least some experience playing to wedding crowds is a huge advantage, says VIBE's Rob Serob.

"Wedding crowds are different to the crowds coming to a venue to see live music.

They have certain expectations, they love to make requests and you're often catering for a huge range of ages and tastes, which makes versatility should be high on the wishlist when you're checking out different performers.

"For instance, we play old and new pop, RnB, funk and modern rock, creating a song list to suit your wedding style and your guest list, whether it's Bruno Mars and the Jacksons to Beyonce, Big Band and Bon Jovi.

Having a band which only plays folk music, for example, is terrific if all your friends and family are big folk fans, but if it's only a select few, the ambience on the dance floor is likely to fall a little flat," Rob added.

Size matters

For your wedding ceremony, you might like a solo vocalist or an acoustic duo or trio to set the scene, while for the evening entertainment for a big crowd in a large venue, a bigger band which can play a more diverse mix of music is a terrific choice, advises Vibe.

Listen up

sydney wedding band

Obviously, planning is key, and listening to music from performers' websites, seeking recommendations from friends or going along to one of their gigs will all give you an insight not just into their music, but also their energy and their engagement with the audience.

You can also ask potential performers for references, especially if they've previously played weddings, so you can get the lowdown from other brides and grooms.

Don't delay - book today

Popular wedding bands are often booked up more than 12 months in advance, particularly for Saturday nights during the summer and wedding season - so plan ahead if you want to be guaranteed your first choice.

Planning makes perfect

Once you've made your choice, it's important to discuss your entertainment ideas with your venue before you lock anything in - just in case there are any restrictions on the available space for the band to use or on any stage, power or sound logistics.

Ask your band whether they fancy a floor plan or venue photos (if it's a venue they're not familiar with) to help them plan their set up and ensure any equipment, power and seating requirements are met.

You can also put them in touch with venue directly to answer any queries.

Another factor to consider is whether you also want an emcee, lighting and a DJ for between-the-band breaks, and if so, whether your choice of live performer can provide the lot...or not.

VIBE Wedding Band offers a range of packages, which can include an emcee, PA system, lighting, DJ and a full band - or various combinations in between.

One size does not fit all

sydney wedding band

Playing one type of music throughout the entire wedding isn't usually a winning plan, says VIBE's Rob Serob.

"Music should evolve throughout the event. Different songs should be played during dinner, for instance, or as guests are mingling over canapes to the tunes you'd belt out just before midnight.

Professional musicians can take guests on a musical journey that suits the different stages of the event, building up to the packed dance floor of the latter stages of a wedding reception we all know and love."

Rob adds that if you book an experienced wedding band, it's worth consulting them about song choices, set lengths, when to schedule breaks and so on as they'll have a firm idea of what works best.

So trust them.


This is where it gets interesting, according to VIBE. Many a wedding guest loves to make song requests, but some brides and grooms aren't keen on the idea, so this is something to discuss with your singer or performers in advance.

If your musicians would rather avoid ‘off-the-cuff' requests, they can provide a request book which guests can browse through, or if you'd rather them play a pre-planned set, then just specify that in advance so everyone's on the same page on the day.

Have a break, have a...plan

wedding entertainment vibe band

Performers aren't superhuman, and no band is going to be able to play from the minute guests arrive until after the gong of midnight so it's worth making a plan - and a play - for the breaks between sets.

It's also important to plan how that music will be played ie from a laptop, and who will be in charge of making sure it runs smoothly. Often a band will help with this, but it's something which should be discussed well in advance.

Be considerate

Your musicians will be working hard to make your event the best it can possibly be, so in return, a little consideration goes a long way. Providing some food and drinks on the night, and a space to change or store their personal things can go a long way.  Your wedding planner or function manager should anticipate this and ensure your wedding band and other service providers such as the wedding photographer and videographer are catered for on the day.

Read the fine print

Just as with any contract, when booking professional musicians, it's important to read through the terms and conditions, especially with regards to cancellations and overtime costs.

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