bridal waltz

Daniel Griffiths Photography

When you schedule the bridal waltz, the first dance as husband and wife, depends on how you want your wedding reception played out.

Most couples choose to hold the bridal waltz after the cutting of the wedding cake towards the end of the wedding, while other couples want to get their bridal waltz out of the way so they schedule the dance between entree and main course.

We know of one couple who after being welcomed into the wedding reception as husband and wife, headed hand in hand straight to the dance floor and performed the bridal waltz then and there.

This is a great way to set the mood of the wedding reception and remind everyone why they are there.

The advantages for holding the bridal waltz after the cutting of the wedding cake is that it is a good lead-in to get everyone on the dance floor.

The advantages of holding your bridal waltz earlier, either at the beginning or half way through the wedding reception is that it allows you to stagger the wedding's formalities, it's unexpected and you will have everyone's attention.

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