There's no doubt surrounding the importance of the suit you wear on your wedding day. But should you go for a high-end off-the-rack suit, or rather choose made-to-measure? 

Warning: Made-to-measure suits can be a very addictive habit, once you've done it, it is hard to go back to off-the-rack suits. Oscar Hunt Tailors tell us why...

How it fits you

Perhaps the most defining feature of a made-to-measure suit is that it fits every inch of your body in perfect fashion. Tailors know better than anyone that no two men are the same. Every single one has their quirks, whether it's narrow shoulders, muscly legs, a long torso, different arm lengths, a sloped shoulder... the list of little idiosyncrasies is endless.

The bottom line is that suit manufacturers (even high-end brands) cannot accurately accommodate these elements of the human body, and so an off-the-rack garment will never fit as well as one that's made-to-measure.

How it fits your big day

Crafting your perfect wedding suit requires a tailored approach that only made-to-measure can offer.

At Oscar Hunt, we consider all aspects of your big day, ensuring your suit is perfectly matched to the occasion. We provide guidance and expertise to ensure what you're wearing goes with the setting, style and colour theme of the wedding - whether it's indoors or outdoors; formal or traditional; spring, summer, winter or autumn.

Wedding ceremony

Choosing a made-to-measure wedding suit also means you start with a completely blank canvas. You work closely with a team of expert fitters and tailors to create a real showpiece from more than 2,000 fabrics in different weights, colours, patterns and compositions - an exclusive range unrivalled by retailers and other made-to-measure houses alike.

A good tailor will take approximately six weeks to deliver your made-to-measure garment.

How long it lasts

You're getting married - do it in a suit that lasts.

Most off-the-rack suits are made of synthetic fabrics such a polyester and viscose, which do not fair well in terms of look, feel, shape retention, breathability, and reaction to cleaning and pressing. The way in which they're constructed also greatly compromises the longevity of the garment.

A quality made-to-measure suit is constructed using leading techniques and technology which drastically improves its lifespan and quality of the drape. It is designed to be strong yet flexible, allowing it to mould to the shape of your body over time.

The verdict

Should you use a tailor for your wedding suit?

Simply put - yes, absolutely.

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