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Asking one of your mates to be your groomsmen or best man can be a rare heart warming moment between men.

This can quickly turn to panic when you say that all the groomsmen will be wearing bespoke Zegna suits with all the trimmings. Unless your are picking up the tab for the groomens suits then forget tailored and Zegna.

Discussing finances with your best mates is never easy - so when it comes to your wedding the subject must be brought up and the sooner the better

The first thing to consider is how much each of your groomsmen are able to spend on your day.

There is no rule as to how much is too much, that will depend on how much they can really afford.

What you need to consider is what you will be requiring your groomsmen to pay for.

A list of costs usually incurred by a groomsmen are;

  • the suit (hired or bought)
  • the shoes and cuff links
  • the bow tie or tie
  • the bucks night or any other pre-wedding parties such as a cellar tea. A cellar tea is a version of a bridal shower, when both the bridesmaids and groomsmen host the event for both the bride and groom.
  • your wedding gift

Keeping Costs In Tow

From the list above you can see that the expenses could easily run into the thousands.

Depending on your traditions and wedding culture the general rule is that the groomsmen pay for their own suits.

Hiring is a popular option. These days you can find a great range of suits for weddings of any formality, morning suits, black tie, fashionable suits with ties. The cost of hiring varies (upwards of $200).

See the Formalwear Sales and Hire for specialists.

The Shoes

One thing the groomsmen must have is a good pair of socks and shoes on the wedding day and this usually means they will need to buy a new pair of each.

As it is likely the groom will have to buy a new pair too so ask for a discount when buying more than one pair of the same style. Otherwise if the groom and your groomsmen already have suitable shoes make sure they are great condition.

The Accessories

The groomsmens accessories usually include a tie, bow tie, cuff links or a tie pin. These kinds of accessories can make perfect gifts for your groomsmen.

A chic new tie and a cool set of cufflinks are always a great gift that are likely to be well used especially at the height of the wedding season.

Pre-Wedding Parties

This is their domain, the groom doesn't pay for any of it, he just turns up. The groomsmen may have everyone contribute a set amount for the bucks party and/or weekend.

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