Flower girl dresses are always fun to shop for-whether you're the bride or mother of the lucky girl who gets to be the flower girl in a wedding. But if you've never shopped for flower girl dresses before, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

The following buying guide will help you understand the basics about common flower girl dress styles and the best tips for buying flower girl dresses.

Common flower girl dress styles

Just like wedding dresses, bridesmaid's dresses and other wedding attire, there are several different styles available for flower girls. When you buy flower girl dresses online, you'll have the widest variety of options available.

Princess/Ball gown

princess dresses and ball gown style for flower girls

princess dresses and ball gown style for flower girls

Princess-style flower girl dresses are designed to mimic ball gown-style wedding dresses. They are typically white, though they can come in other colors as well, so you can definitely find something special in blue. These dresses are usually floor length and have beads, crystals, and other embellishments. They may have a built-in crinoline or be designed to accommodate one underneath the dress.

Tea Dresses

tea dresses flower girl dressestea dresses flower girl dresses

Tea-style flower girl dresses are tea length and not quite as long as princess-style gowns. They typically have voluminous skirts made of organza and similar materials, which provide plenty of "poofs" on their own.

A-Line Dresses

a-line flower girl dresses

A-line dresses feature dresses with an A-line silhouette. They are usually ankle length, though they may be shorter as well. A-line dresses do not usually require crinolines, though they may be worn with slips underneath.

Tips for buying flower girl dresses

The following are some essential tips you should keep in mind when buying flower girl dresses.

Tip: Avoid over-fussy dresses

Avoid dresses that need to be fluffed to keep their shape or which have tight belts, sleeves that slip down their shoulders, and other small annoyances that grown-ups can handle but young flower girls will quickly tire of handling.

Tip: Keep the fabric light

It's important for the flower girl to be comfortable, so make sure that the fabric is as light as possible. While a velvet flower girl dress would look lovely in a wedding hall all decked out for Christmas, it's going to be warm inside and the flower girl will quickly get overheated. Keep the material light, even if it's winter time.

Tip: Don't order until it's close to the wedding

Children can grow out of sizes within a few months, so you'll want to purchase the dress when it's closer to the wedding. 3-4 months is usually close enough that they won't grow out of a size in between buying the dress and the day of the wedding.

Tip: Stick to 1-2 accessories

The flower girl will no doubt want accessories like the rest of the bridal party, but keep them simple so that they don't get lost over the course of the night. A headband or tiara that can be comfortably pinned in her hair, along with a necklace or belt is all ideal accessories.

Keep the above tips in mind and you'll be an expert at buying flower girl dresses in no time.

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