While a typical bride-to-be devotes hours, days...weekends to scrolling through Pinterest pics and popping in and out of bridal boutiques searching for the picture-perfect wedding gown, the same is not always the case for the groom.

So what's the secret to helping the groom look his dapper best on the big day......:

Oscar Hunt Tailors

1. Don't ask him to try something new 

While you might want your betrothed to look more Brad Pitt than Neil from the Young Ones on your wedding day, if that's never been his style, don't start now. This is not the day to try turning your mountain man into a clean-cut character.

Let him look like his most authentic self. If he usually has some stubble, then it's fine for him to have stubble. If he shaves every day, then he should shave the morning of the wedding. 

2. Don't over-accessorise

Please don't take offence, but men tend to go a little overboard when it comes to accessories for a special occasion. Next thing you know, your groom is sporting Happy Socks, a pocket square, a bowtie, a top hat, a cummerbun and a boutonniere - all at once.  Keep it simple.

3. Don't expect him to develop a passion for fashion

Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. If your man thinks Tom Ford is a new model of car, who are we to correct him? If fashion isn't his thing, then enlist his most stylish sidekick to help him, but if all the groomsmen are clueless, then it's the bride's job to take charge.

4. Don't let him leave alterations until the last minute 

If the groom is buying an off-the-rack ensemble, ensure there's a couple of hundred dollars in the kitty for alterations. If he's renting a suit, ensure your provider will deliver the suit well in advance of the wedding date to allow for any minor alterations.

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