Groomsmen duties

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The A team, your best mates and a reliable team! Here you will find a quick list of duties so you can support your mate as he walks down the aisle.

A good groomsman takes their duties seriously. They are your brothers, relatives, good mates or even your son. They know you well.

Their appointment to this role is well deserved...just be aware, if you aren't already married yourself, treat your mate the Groom how you'd like to be treated...the wedding shoe may to on the other foot when it's your turn.


  1. The Groomsmen are there as a support and to make sure that all the pre-wedding parties are a success. 
  2. They assist the best man in planning bucks night celebrations
  3. Makes sure the bucks party is a true success, fun, memorable and in good taste - they will ultimately take the blame for anything too tacky or too explicit!
  4. Takes their duties seriously and attends fittings for the attire.
  5. May act as a runner for last minute duties such as finding someone to mend a button on a shirt or to collect the button holes from the bride on the wedding day.
  6. The Groomsmen stay with the groom and take their place at the front of the ceremony to wait for the Bride.
  7. If ushers aren't appointed the groomsmen will also take on the ushers role aswell, see more on being an usher.

Being the Best Man

Being a Bridesmaid

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