Chances are the boys have taken a lot of time and most likely spent hard earned cash on getting you to your wedding day. Now is the time to let them know what great mates they have been with a token of your appreciation.

There are no set rules as to when you should give your groomsmen their thank you gifts, just don't make it seem like an after-thought. Set aside time to thank each of your groomsmen, whether over a drink after work or on the morning of the wedding.

You may want your gift to be something that's wearable for the occasion. Some grooms will give their groomsmen a tie, with a special message embroidered on the back, so they can wear it on the day but also treasure the meaningful item for life. 

Other ideas include : 

  • Good bottle of aged whiskey or red wine
  • Framed photo of you and your mate. If he's an old friend find an old photo from years gone by of the two of you together.
  • A day of paintballing, skydiving or go-carting
  • A wine or beer tasting lunch or weekend away
  • A watch
  • A leather wallet
  • Engraved pen
  • Stainless steel manicure sets
  • Money Clip, Tie Clip or Cufflinks
  • A coffee table book on something they like, such as sailing or travel
  • Cocktail/Bar accessories 

There really are no limits except your budget and imagination!

We've found a few other unique ideas to shop now from our friends at the Etsy wedding marketplace.

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