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The best man - your brother, your close friend, a relative, or even your dad or son, whoever he may be, the best man has a big job ahead of him in the months leading up to the wedding day, and on the day itself.

We've put together a list of duties you'd be expected to take charge of if you are given the honour of being the Best Man.

Duties : 

  1. An emotional support to the groom and being able to know when support is needed as most guys don't generally ask for it.
  2. Helps the groom co-ordinate the wedding day in the previous month.
  3. Organises the bucks night celebrations that won't result in an annulment and makes sure the groom comes home in one piece with both eyebrows firmly in tact.
  4. Arranges for all groomsmen and ushers to be fitted for their tuxedo's.
  5. Makes sure the groomsmen and ushers know their roles on the wedding day and are dressed appropriately.
  6. Is the groom's right hand man on the day of the ceremony, helps him get ready and acts as an emotional support for any possible panic attacks!
  7. Be responsible for getting the groom to the church (ie sober and early!) and taking the heat if he doesn't.
  8. Make sure that all is going as close to plan as possible on the day.
  9. Be in charge of having the wedding rings on hand at the wedding ceremony.
  10. Signs as the Witness on the Marriage Certificate.
  11. If necessary quietly pay the officiant the fee in a discreet envelop and anyone else who may need paying on the night.
  12. At the reception, give the first toast to the bride and groom and make a stirring (not slurring) speech.
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