Something Old

So you've chosen to follow the ancient adage: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - that's the easy part done.

Of course for most brides the something new is the dress (unless you're lucky enough to be borrowing a gorgeous vintage number from a relative), the something blue is relatively straightforward and the something borrowed offers scope to delve into grandma's closet or borrow from your most stylish girlfriend.

Back Wedding Dress Detail


When it comes to something old you could raid granny's jewellery box or hanky drawer for vintage inspiration - or ask your other older relatives for suggestions, they're often delighted to share cute customs and old-fashioned favourites for the benefit of the blushing bride. But if you'd rather not take the risk in case what is given doesn't quite fit your ideal idea then you can always shop for something old yourself. 

We've found a few 'one-off' somethings that are most definitely old and most definitely not decrepit. 

Something Old curated by on Etsy

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