We've curated 13 of our favourite wedding planning lessons as posted by our wedding loving Instagrammers

1. Always have a pretty book to write things in

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Start your wedding planning here.

2. The cake tasting should be beautiful

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Feeling hungry? Feed your inspiration with dozens of cake suppliers near you. 

3. Who'd have thought an old suitcase had so many uses

lolly buffet decor ideas

Explore more decor ideas for your big day.

4. A little supervision never goes astray

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If you love this, then you'll adore these 16 pictures of animals at weddings

5. Wedding planning essentials

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For a full list of wedding caterers in Australia

6. Make your bridesmaids feel super special

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Shop for invitations of all shapes and sizes

7. No one said wedding planning couldn't be colourful

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Catch more colourful ideas

8.  Windows Are Not Just Things That Go In Walls

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For more ideas check out these sweet and sassy signs

9. Hens Parties Are Always Better With Dress Ups

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Discover everything you'll need to host the perfect hens event

10. If In Doubt, Add Glitter

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13 sparkling wedding ideas you can't live without

11. It's Not Just About The Brides

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Shop for the man of the hour in our new groom's section

12. Mood Boards Make Everything Better

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13. It's Not Too Late For You To Enter:

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