Animals are taking over weddings across the globe and we aren't complaining. We've collected the cutest images of pets at weddings from Instagram


An unexpected wedding pet to play a unique role in your day...


Dogs are a mans best friend so it would be rude not to include such a valuable member of your family in your wedding. Why not dress your pet pal and make them feel part of the bridal party. 

Sometimes just one groomsman will do ?? #wednesday #i_do_weddingaustralia ?? @danielgriffithsphoto

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If you are after quality wedding images you have to be using the most photogenic dogaroos possible...

Love this! ?? when pets at weddings are ... perfect @ashleyludaescherphoto @i_do_weddingaustralia

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It is a BHAAA-rilliant idea to BHAA-ring goats into the picture when it comes to weddings. These cute "kids" are just as adorable as human children and need less distractions!



These strong and elegant animals have been our companions forever which is why yours deserves a place in the bridal party on the most precious day of your life. 

Kitty Cat

These devious partners in crime are sure to add some humour to your wedding pics whether they are posed or photobombers...





A surprising trend is currently brewing in the USA... businesses are now renting out paired Llamas dressed as the bride and groom for weddings... We aren't saying you should go to such lengths but including your beloved Alpaca or Llama will make for some memorable pics...

Oh Deer

Many of us grew up on the classic Disney movie "Bambi" and it can be so simple to bring these childhood memories into this next chapter of your life. I mean look at this incredible photo...




If you are really wanting a fairytale wedding then a Unicorn is a must have! And what's best is you don't have to imagine one... (wink wink, nudge nudge).

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