Figures bandied about since the ‘Yes' result have suggested an extra $1 billion could be spent by couples getting married over the next few years, with the 2016 census recording more than 47,000 same sex couples in Australia.

And while Australia currently hosts around 120,000 wedding each year, the addition of same sex couples to the mix has sent straight couples into a frenzy trying to secure popular venues ahead of the anticipated rush.

same sex weddings

ANZ economists have suggested the same sex marriage result could inject up to $650 million into the wedding industry in 2018 alone, with earlier university research implying half of committed same sex couples will now be keen to wed.

Just half of the nation's same sex couples choosing to marry and spending the average $50,000+ on their wedding would tip wedding spending over $1 billion, probably more, with same sex couples often earning higher combined incomes than opposite-sex couples.

In addition to the more traditional venues, this will see mounting competition to secure bookings at locations such as beaches, gardens, wineries and country estates, with wedding planners, photographers, honeymoon destinations, jewellers, wedding car suppliers and others in the business of helping people legalise their love all overjoyed not just at the plebiscite outcome, but at the forecast hot demand that's coming their way.

So, whether you're a straight or same-sex couple, if you're planning to say ‘I Do' sooner rather than later, you might want to hot foot it to your favoured venue and slap down a deposit asap.

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