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Anxiety - A dream of this kind (very common during the lead up to the big day!) is occasionally a good omen, depicting, after feeling threatened, success and rejuvenation of your mind.

If the dreamer is overly anxious about some big decision that is about to take place, such as saying i-do at your wedding, then this type of dream indicates a disastrous combination of business and personal affairs.

Bridesmaid - Wedding jitters may find you dreaming of your Bridesmaid kissing your beloved! Don't worry, it's only your subconscious overdramatising your feelings, that is, if you trust her completely?

Cake - Eating has always been associated with our sexuality - bread and cake (and wedding cake!) represent a restrained fertility orientated sexuality.

Diamond Ring - Seeing a ring in dreams symbolises the circle which represents wholeness and continuity. This is why the ring is used as a symbol of marriage.

Erotic - Sex is part of our society so dreams of sex are healthy expressions of our experiences or non-experiences! The erotic content of our dreams can tell us a great deal about our sexual urges and about the fantasies everyone has but few will admit to (even if they include H2B or not!)

Fire - Fire in dreams symbolises heat and this can be an indicator of your body temperature. This is often the case if you see your house in flames, as the house in your dream represents "self". It can be associated with an extremely bad temper and anger. If the fire surrounds you and you are not burnt, this can be connected to your passions and sexual desires.

Gold - Gold depicts divine intelligence. It is the heart of the sun in humans. Gold symbolises everything that is superior. It also represents supreme spiritual determination. Superstition has it that gold in dreams means you may inherit money from a relative.

Hair - Women dreaming of beautiful hair signifies pride. But this dream may also be associated with a careless act, or neglect, on the dreamer's part. If a man sees his hair thinning in his dreams, he is often a person of meanness, or could be suffering mental stress. If you should see various people with coloured hair, then look to what these people and the colour means to you in your real life. Listen to your instincts carefully. Hair is usually a sign of energy. It is also related to humility. Seeing your hair cut signifies some serious disappointments ahead.

Identity - Unable to remember your name in your dream, stopped by the authorities or completely without knowledge of who you are and unable to prove it represents your loss of identity. Your concerns re marrying and taking on someone else's name cause your subconscious to act as if it were a dangerous act and telling you to beware you are about to enter another's territory.

Jealousy - Emotional high's and low's trigger strange dreams and one of them to remember is dreaming about sharks! Sharks are in our dreams to make us aware of those seemingly friendly people who cannot be trusted. Don't encourage shark dreams - rid yourself of your jealous feelings (especially in the lead up to your Wedding Day).

Kiss - Intimacy and affection. Who do I want to feel close to?

Lust - Depicts a need for possession. Why am I feeling unfulfilled?

Marriage - If you dream about being a happy bride, you will be assured of happiness, but if you see everyone dressed in dowdy and sombre clothes, the outlook is not good. If you experience yourself wearing anything but the wedding clothes you have planned in your real-life situation, this symbolises wedding jitters.

Marrying somebody old and decrepit with wrinkles can depict sickness and trouble. Marrying somebody from your past in your dreams when you are due to marry another in real life signifies a lack of TLC.

Nudity - This dream shows embarrassment and exposure (many dream they walk down the aisle naked).

You must check your lifestyle and find out if there is an area that triggers these feelings in your everyday situations. It can also represent a sense of abandonment and childhood instincts. Are you afraid of being seen for who you really are?

Oldies - Dreaming of your parents or future parents-in-law means you are looking for approval. Reverence for the past.

People - Uneasy about the unknown people in your dream or even people from the past, particularly as your guest list is of prime importance, this type of dreaming is associated with your instincts. Always listen to them when you dream this way.

Questioning Your Marriage - Will I find a firm foundation? A sense of adventure in your dream depicts your need to trust and soul seek. It's healthy to dream this way.

Religion - Religion and spirituality often represent themselves in dreams of religious icons, like the Virgin Mary or the Buddha and so on. These dreams relate to the dreamer's search for the truth, love and compassion and also a strong awareness of spirituality instead of listening to society's rules.

Shoes - These appear often and symbolise humility, although some dreamers see shoes as associated with sexuality. Women's shoes can sometimes stand for dominant female sexuality.

Tradition - Seeing the old with the new in our dreams may indicate your need to decide exactly what you, the bride to be, the dreamer really wants. Don't dictate but make your own decisions so that your confused dreams will disappear.

Underwear - Underclothing may represent your unconscious attitudes and even your prejudices. A feeling of shame could indicate your unwillingness to show your true self (many brides dream they walk down the aisle in their underwear!)

Vehicle - Driving a car at full throttle (even your wedding car!) in your dreams suggests that you travel too fast through life. If you are in reverse or have the brakes on, these clues show you how your approach everyday life. Are you always the passenger or do you see yourself as the driver? If you are on a train or bus, remember that someone else is responsible for your "ride" through life. In particular the train, as you can only get off when the train pulls into a station. Don't let yourself be trapped on a train in your dreams, find a way to get off or out of a situation or this type of dream could happen over and over again.

Wedding - If you dream about the actual wedding it suggests the uniting of self - sometimes all the opposites of self. It is a ritual and therefore related to maybe the renunciation of ego.

X-Rated - There are many phrases in everyday life, that you may hear in the street, which can trigger a dream about sex. Picked up by the subconscious, these can easily provoke an image in a dream which shocks you. Don't be afraid of your sexual dreams. Instead, learn from their message. The strength of your sexual desire may frighten you, but such dreams can represent a new confidence taking shape in your life and show you the way to a new you. The level of excitement in our dreams indicates how acceptable we feel sexually (and even if it isn't with your H2B!)

Yacht - Being on a yacht in your dream depicts a sense of adventure and if you are on a lake, then this depicts peace and calmness. Recreation is high on your list of priorities and sometimes dreamers experience sailing down the River Nile in Egypt, which is a honeymoon in itself! Yachts also signify entertainment and interesting people.

Zipper - If you dream that your zipper on your wedding gown gets stuck, then you are worried about your life being undone. Relax! You are really starting a new life but your subconscious is overdramatising.

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