Groom And Bride In A Lavender Field

Daniel Griffiths Photography

10. To the chagrin of your friends and family around you; your wedding is all that you can talk about. At dinner. At the gym. At your office. At Westfield. At your yearly check-up. In your sleep.

9. You download a count down clock that tells you the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your wedding.

8. You can't take any more photos with your phone of 'great ideas for your wedding' as you have run out of space and you have had to go and buy a hard drive to store all of these photos on your computer before you can take any more.

7. You record all the reality TV wedding shows, and download every wedding video on You Tube and find yourself yelling at the brides at their ridiculous choice of wedding flower arrangements.

6. You have regular nightmares regarding your wedding. The wedding DJ doesn’t show up, the beef you ordered is served black and burnt, and the wedding cake table has collapsed under the weight of your 10 tier wedding tower!

5. You’ve maxed out your bridesmaid’s data allowance because of the sheer volume of images and constant wedding schedule updates.

4. You find yourself rehearsing your wedding vows with the guy that delivers the couriers to the office.

3. You find in the past 12 months that you have been planning your wedding you have clocked up over 5000 posts on Facebook, shared 7000 instagram pics, pinned 10000 pictures of wedding bouquet ideas and every part of your wedding has it's own know who you are.

2. If you were given a dollar for every time you’ve said “Because it’s my day” you'd realise that you could pay for the wedding day in full before the wedding invitations were posted.

1. You’re so obsessed that you now speak in a new kind of wedding lingo. For instance; you tell your FOB that your MOB, MOG and H2B need to meet to discuss the OOT and OTT guest list.

Translation: You tell your Dad (Father of the Bride) that your Mum (Mother of the Bride), fiancé’s mum (Mother of the Groom) and your Husband To Be need to meet to discuss the Out Of Town and Over The Top guest list.

Happy planning!

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