We asked happily married couple Elise and Charles, married in 1935, to share what they believe is the key to a successful marriage.

What we found is that their few points about the art of staying together can work for all; no matter what the culture, religion or age.

Our recipe for our happy life together


  • Start married life with no debt
  • Be kind and loving to each other
  • Understanding ones needs, "a quiet time" and privacy every so often
  • Always be neat and tidily dressed
  • Both, to maintain standards and keep qualities that originally attracted
  • Be a good cook and keep going all your life
  • Keep your good manners and be polite at all times
  • Enjoy each others company


  • Avoid debt
  • Communicate and discuss
  • Consideration
  • Avoid selfishness
  • Enjoy each others company

Charles died in December 2007 aged 96 and Elise died in June 2010 aged 99. They were married for 72 very happy years. 

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