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Our resident dream analyst, Joan Hanger, talks to our members about their wedding dreams.

Buffys Dream: Firstly, I hate lace, frills, veils and big skirts. A balding bloke downtown owns a bookstore. I use laptop computers at work. In my dream I'm buying a lacy, frilly, long, fairly big skirted wedding gown, with veil, from the balding bloke, who is NOT selling books in his shop. He sells bridal wear and computer stuff. I can't try it on in the shop, I have to go anywhere there is a power point so I can plug in my laptop and fix something (not sure what) before I can put it on.

Joan says: Well this bald man depicts a lack of virility and obviously what turns you on is your computer! I know you don't like lacy things but weddings can be what you want it to be. Your dream had the balding man selling you your items and this does agree with your emotion because you aren't a fan of his and therefore you wouldn't be buying from this man. On the day of your dream you may have seen him and this is what triggered your dream. Always check on the day of any dream particularly if it is a strange one.

Brook's Dream: I've had trouble sleeping lately because I'm having to make some big decisions, and last night I had *two* dreams that I was shot. One I was being chased/stalked by someone in a house, and in the other it was more like a Scream movie slaughter (but with a gun) with lots of people- I think it was a party. Does this have any relevance to my decisions?

Joan says: I understand that you are under wedding bliss stress, but let's look at your dreams positively. Being shot or threatened in any way suggests you must search yourself for the power to overcome any obstacles which you feel may be in your way. Because a gun was in your dream I feel it is your sexual energy that you must call upon to get your through. Your dreams were nightmarish and this symbolises some forebodings that you may be experiencing in your daily life. You may be feeling helpless whilst others make decisions for you - it is good that you are making your own decisions! Don't doubt yourself Brook - go to it!

Sam's Dream: I had a dream that we had a full wedding rehearsal, including reception, all dressed up and everything. I remember saying in my dream to my fiancee, "We have to do this all over again tomorrow night!" in a tired of it all kind of way! Afterwards we were going back to a house and I was only wearing my underwear, white stockings but black everything else!

Joan says: Yes, this happens often to girls getting married. Sometimes they are walking down the aisle in their underewear! Your dream depicts that it is not just a dress rehearsal you will 'expose' soon on your wedding day. This signifies why you were wearing your black undies and you may be out to 'shock' David! So be prepared David and good luck to you both. You

Katarina's dream: I had my first wedding dream a few nights ago. I was shopping for my gown and was accompanied by an unknown woman who was well-groomed and had very red long nails and red lips. The next bit I remember was turning around in church after being declared husband and wife and sunshine rays streamed in and it was warm and "glowy". I remember hugging my mother who was crying.

Joan says: That sophisticated woman who was with you whilst you were shopping was the other side of you! Yes, its the side that wants to be 'perfect' on your wonderful wedding day, and from the description of your in the church it was.

Amanda's dream: I had a dream that my fiance's ex girlfriend (who is invited to the wedding) tried to ruin my day. It made me extremely upset and nervous.

Joan says: You must have noticed an affectionate touch or look from this girl to your partner and this is what triggered your dream. Remember that you, too, must show affection to the one you love even though its a busy time. Not a nice dream but one that is good to warn you to give tender loving care, not to let others do it for you!

Brook's dream: Last night I dreamt that I was having sex with H2B, but in the dream I wasn't going to marry him, I was seeing someone else! So in effect, I was having an affair with my fiance! What does *this* mean?

Joan says: Having sex with your H2B insinuates that you may have some ideas about keeping H2B interested! It is a great dream with the idea of don't let your love get boring

Aysha's dream: In my dream it was our wedding day and when the time came to say our vows, my H2B was standing in the church saying them but I was standing outside. When it came for us to sit together he sat at the front of the church while I sat in a pew with the rest of the congregation!

After the vows it was time for photo's and when my bridesmaids walked up to me they had all got changed out of their dresses (not that I had even seen them in there dresses or during the ceremony for that matter!) into casual clothes (jeans and t-shirts). The last thing I remember in my dream was pleading with them to put their dresses back on so we could have some pictures taken!

Joan says: This dream symbolises how you are feeling a 'little left out'! Why is this? Why do you have no control over your H2B and your bridesmaids? Make sure you do. Firstly, at the rehearsal of your wedding, worry about you, not everyone else.

See that the girls have got their dresses organised properly and that no-one is going to have something missing. You don't have to be bossy but be firm and forget this dream. Take it as a warning to be in charge like all brides should be - lovingly and sexually strong.

Peta's dream: Do you believe that people from the past come to you in your dreams to send you some kind of message? I have been dreaming about my mum who passed away 7 years ago and also my dad. A couple of nights before the wedding I dreamt that they were helping me get ready and they walked down the aisle behind me. My H2B's dad walked beside me. Then on a totally opposite scale I had a dream weeks before that my H2B and my dad (who I didn't really get along with) were fighting over me and whoever won got possession of me like I was an object!

Joan says: Your dream is called a Visitation type because your parents were at your wedding to help you get ready and it was very real. The thing is that dead loved ones are always there for us because we needed them when they were alive and they are still there for us, but we tend to forget this.

Your emotions were high and it was a blessing for you that they were there to help. The fight between your father and your H2B is another thing. As you said you didn't get on with your father yet you would have liked to have done, especially now. A little shadow of guilt was there in that dream that you couldn't make up and be as happy with your father as your H2B no doubt is with his father.

Tracy's dream: I had a dream the other night about my wedding dress. I was out with my mum and we were doing the browsing thing. We went into the store and I tried a dress on. The reaction from both my mum and the shop assistant was that the dress was perfect, beautiful, gorgeous and all the rest, but no matter which way I looked in the mirror or down, I could not see the dress.

Joan says: Your dream was really about your reflection in the mirror. Your dream showed only you and not the dress. This represents those parts of ourselves that we would rather keep hidden. However, you are getting married now and all will be revealed! If you have any concerns about anything about yourself do bring it into the open now.

Denise's dream: I have just had a dream in which my auntie died on my wedding day (just before the ceremony). We had decided to continue with the wedding later that afternoon, because we had already postponed once. One of my bridesmaids was also getting married the same day & we were having our ceremony after her reception.

After she walked/danced down the aisle (to the thong song!) we were at her reception in her back yard. I was already in my wedding dress (a fluffy meringue number) and suddenly it wasn't her reception but her mourning because she had also died. I was crying to my mum because of her death and also as we had to postpone the wedding again and I was afraid we would never get married.

Joan says: It is very common to dream the way you did just before your big event. Seeing these two people whom you love suddenly not there for your wedding really depicts how you have outgrown the family and some of your friends that surround you. If it isn't you, then it is them who have suddenly found new ways of life and you find it difficult to understand. You will have a wonderful wedding day, don't panic!

Kelly's dream: I was walking around in my wedding dress when I suddenly realised it was my wedding day and 10am. I was an hour late for my hair dressers appointment and I asked my mum to call and let her know we were running late. She wouldn't and sat around with my bridesmaids drinking tea while I frantically pulled out the phone book and called her. Then I realised I had the wrong underwear on and my bag was stuffed with tissue paper and not my touch ups. No one would help me get ready and I was frantic. In reality, I am extremely organised.

Joan says: As you said that you are usually organised, your dream having you late and forgetful is the opposite to what will happen, but be prepared for some little happenings! Don't try to be too perfect, let's say your dream's lesson is to let others do things for you too! Your mother and your bridesmaids want to help you, so be clever and let them!

Isis's dream: In my dream I was trying on a dress that looked fine when I looked down at it, but when I moved to the mirror, it was ugly and I looked triple my size. When I lifted up the bodice of it, I saw that I was the correct size underneath and it was the dress that made me look obese! Also in the dream my fiance was trying on suits, but he had a false leg on that caused him to be all hunched over!

Joan says: Your dream was associated with your image as was the image of your H2B. Have you been dieting or acting strangely about how you want to look? Of course, this is normal so don't worry about it and seeing the right dress under the large one shows that the 'real' you is there! Your fiance may not take to dressing up as easily as you and this 'false' image of the leg indicates that you should not 'push' him too far.

Jane's dream: I had a dream a couple of weeks ago, and I have had it a couple of times since. No one would go into the ceremony and no one would get organised. They were just wandering around chatting and I was there waiting on my horse for them to go in so we could start. I threw a tantrum and pulled out a big knife and started waving it around at everyone, yelling at them to get into their seats. I think my dreams have been corrupted!

Joan says: You want to be the one in control and no doubt, at this stage of the wedding preparations it does seem that no one will listen to you. Something like that probably occurred on the day prior to your dream. Weilding the knife display your strong sexuality and as you are a horse person then you do have a strong character when it comes to decision making. Go for it!

Kellie's dream: I dreamt it was the day of our wedding but didn't realise. I just put my dress on and went to the place where our ceremony will be (outside, in the bush) and wrapped this beautiful rainbow coloured silk scarf around my front (over my dress) and tied it at the back so that the two ends flowed along behind me. The front was purple, the ends were rainbow coloured. I remember thinking, "Wow this looks really good." I got to where the ceremony is going to be and everybody was there, ready for the wedding (much to my surprise).

The ceremony went by, but not to plan because we forgot to ask my grandmother to do her reading and the minister never said 'you may now kiss the bride'. After it was over, everybody just walked off, kind of forgetting about us. As we walked off, I just had this really powerful feeling, like I was really glad I wore the rainbow scarf. That powerful feeling was the feeling I had when I woke up, not confusion or disappointment or anything.

Joan says: What a wonderful dream you shared with me. The rainbow scarf, it's a little piece that you should keep in your Dream Diary for your wedding. Purple is the colour of religion, like cardinals, and the rainbow colours are symbolised as standing for redemption, good news, promise and forgiveness, the magical quest for the treasure of self knowledge or for the bridge between heaven and earth that awaits the enlightened mind. Aboriginals believe that all Dreaming is associated with the Rainbow Snake.

Kellie's reply: Thanks Joan. I certainly do feel that the whole process I am going through now of getting married and building a life and family for myself is a time of self-creation for me. It's as if the things that are happening are bringing out the person I really am, because everything seems so effortless compared to other challenges I have faced in my life.

Darnell's dream: Before getting married I constantly had a dream about our wedding day. In the dream, I was walking down the aisle and my fiance had his back to me, but when he turned around to look at me it was my ex-boyfriend (and first love). However, my fiance was there but he was sitting in the front row of the congregation! When I realised it was my ex, he took my hand and we both ran out of the church and away from the wedding, and then I always woke up! It never happened on the day, but I am curious as to what it meant!

Joan says: Dreaming this way about an ex and even seeing him as the groom is quite common for brides to be. Your H2B was sitting in the front row so he was not even shocked by your display. It is quite strange but we often pick our next love with similar attributes as the first love. Maybe the hair, the smile, the look, whatever it is, it is there! Luckily you have married the right man so go to it!

Tracy's dream: My first wedding dream was ages ago. We were in another country (don't know why we were there) and our friends told us to just get married there and have our real wedding when we got home. I got rushed off to a hotel and my engagement ring (not at all like my solitare) but a cluster of small diamonds all started to fall apart. The diamonds fell everywhere in a white shag pile rug and we couldn't find them all. I woke up before I even found out if I got married.

Joan says: Your dream represented a need for you to renounce your worldly power or pride, or was it a need for you to drop your ego? The ring falling apart is the sign behind my comments.

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Shann's dream: I had a dream a few months ago where our reception had been double booked (and we only found out on the day of the wedding) so we had to have it in the backyard of our house. I remember that my H2B had to drive to the bottleshop to buy all the alcohol and mum drove up to the local chicken shop and bought roast chickens for the reception dinner!

Joan says: This is a typical dream that occurs very often when all the wonderful preparations are under way and there you go and see yourselves in the backgarden with grog from the local shop and chickens too! Don't worry, this dream is a warning to you that all is well! It shows the opposite because you have been so busy being 'perfect' about your reception.

Denise's dream: I had a dream last night that our engagement party was a disaster! All strangers turned up, there wasn't enough food, I was wearing a tracksuit and then robbers came and to stop them from taking my engagement ring I swallowed it! Our engagement party is this coming Friday!

Joan says: I am sure that your engagement party will be tremendous but if there is a security problem make sure you check it out because often subliminal dreaming is a warning to take care. Seeing robbers in your dream is associated with the loss of your freedom. Swallowing your ring depicts how importantly you regard your coming ritual of marriage.

Tania's dream: I dreamt that I was with my family and we decided that the wedding would be that day. I was going through my wardrobe with mum deciding what I would wear. I think I ended up with a jacket and skirt. We then headed off to the church.

I was waiting for H2B to arrive but then realised no one had informed them that the wedding was on today and that no cars had been organized to pick them up. I felt fine after I woke up and not worried at all!

Joan says: You certainly had the special effects dream of something entirely opposite to what you have planned already. This is a very common way to dream right now for you because you are perfecting all the details and then you dreamt this way.

I was thrilled that you were not upset with the dream but took it in your stride. Able to laugh at it is good news for you and your future!

Nicole's dream: We were at a church that looked like the church we've booked for our wedding, and we'd all just finished setting up, and then I had to get dressed. I was running around everywhere for my dress but couldn't find it.

Somehow I ended back at the church, no dress, just in my underwear and the minister said, "Sorry, it's too late, you can't have the ceremony now". Then in a little building next door my H2B and all the groomsmen were setting up for another ceremony. I was crying that it was all ruined.

Stuart was telling me there was nothing to worry about and that it would all work out OK. Somewhere in the dream I also noticed the only guests were our immediate family, there were no friends.

Joan says: It isn't so bad as you think, yet a dream like that does tend to upset you for the day ahead. The main themes of your dream were being lost and running late. As you are probably organising everyone and everything, seeing yourself without your dress is scary, afterall its the Day for Dress so to speak!

Anxiety appears in our dreams when we seem to be experiencing a loss of control over our own life. Your dream of losing your wedding dress tends to depict a loss of your identity! Yes, you are getting married and you will take on someone else's identity too!

Next time you go to bed, say to yourself, "Hey, I want to find my dress this evening". Challenge your subconscious and see if there are any results.

Bec's dream: To cut a long story short, my H2B moved in with me before the wedding against his parents wishes. My dream is that his mother is not going to support us financially for the wedding or the house like planned unless he moves back home and calls the wedding off. In the dream he crawls back home and I am left alone.

Joan says: I don't like that dream so let's try and solve it for you. Obviously you are totally reliant upon this lady so why not try to fix it! Firstly, you must try a different tack. I feel this lady may be of a H2B and you have him living with you so you have got what you want. You are getting married and the house bit, let's say you both can marry happily, anywhere, with out without your MIL2B and the house. Do you really need it? Is the aggravation worth it?

Stand back and let this lady see that you simply adore her son. I am sure that if you can show her how strong your love is then there is not the anger that seems to surround you. Your H2B crawled back to

Pull all stops out and 'fight' for the man you love, but do it in a ladylike way. If this dream is the opposite to what is really going on then don't worry, just check on your H2B's strengths and loyalties, because they must be to you too!

Mel's dream: I dreamed that I got into the car with my dad and mum and we were all so happy and excited (my mum and dad are divorced). When we got to the church all of a sudden it was just me and dad standing at the door of the church and I could see inside and see everyone in there.

All the women were oohing and aaaahing, and I wondered why and when I looked down my dress was absolutely glowing and stunning. I looked up and there was my H2B, and as we started the walk down the aisle I felt so happy, but then I woke up! I felt as though I had missed the best part of the whole thing!!

However, at least this time I didn't dream about an earthquake shaking the church which is what I did last time. Wonder what that means?

Joan says: You want everyone to be happy, even having mum & dad together for the perfect day. Your dream symbolises the spiritual glowing and growing of you, the dreamer and the lovely B2B. Sweet dreams to you and your lucky guy!

Joanne's dream: I've had 2 dreams in the past week which have intrigued me. The first being that I was all dressed up in my wedding gown, and I was in a bar with my bridesmaids. Somehow I had blue pen all down the front of my dress.

The girls just took me to the sink and it washed straight out and everything was okay. I then had a dream that I was again all dressed up in my wedding gown but had a pair of big black chunky shoes on underneath.

Joan says: Have you been thinking about something borrowed and something 'blue'? Thats what your dream seemed to me! The chunky shoes well, shoes depict dominance - are you the dominating influence in your partnership?

Kelly's dream: My mum had this wedding dream that I'd love you to interpret. We were all at a wedding place where service after service was performed all day, like a queue to get married. We were in the queue watching another wedding take place. Mum was trying to figure out who the groom was, until a man walked in and his beard was a beard of champagne roses! Mum knew that he had to be the groom.

There was also a girl there wearing a knee length dress of tapestry with beads and feathers in her hair. Mum thought she looked beautiful, so attractive and wished she could look that way and wear those clothes.

As the wedding was ending she turned to my fiancee and said we were next so my H2B should start getting ready. He was very excited, said, "Oh goody" and ran off to get ready. He was wearing a white plastic suit with big yellow polka dots on it.

Joan says: What a hilarious dream and it reminded me of Four Weddings and a Funeral! Your mother is a character and she wants the wedding to be a very very happy day! She is right in there with you with the 'fun' of it all instead of being terribly terribly serious about the event. Is your mother serious about your wedding and over organising things? Tell her to relax and enjoy.

Sarah's dream: I had a weird dream the other night where my whole wedding gown had been completely covered in red wine making it purple. My mother was holding it up and examining it. We were in the bridal shop as there was a lady behind a counter, but the whole room was dark. I had not yet tried on the gown and later in the dream the dress was brown.

Joan says: Colours in dreams symbolise awareness. So you are very aware at this time of choosing your dress no doubt! However, the red depicts that it's over, like your freedom no your singleness, and the purple is the colour of cardinals and spirituality and respect and power! So you are entering a new world with marriage and you are taking it seriously. The brown in my opinion is the coming down to earth type of message, life is not all glamour and dresses, its reality.

Tracey's dream: I was at my reception venue an hour before the wedding. I noticed that they were putting up the wrong colour decorations and I made them take them all down. When I looked down at my dress I didn't have a hoop.

My MOH was not there yet and when she came in she had a hoop with her but it was wrong. I also had the worst hair style and nothing that I would have picked. Then I looked at the makeup and it was worse than if I didnt have any on at all. It made me look so strange.

Joan says: Wedding opposites is what was happening to you in your dream, are you trying too hard to make it too perfect? If not, then it's just your imagination showing you the opposite and you would probably still cope!

Jen's dream: Before my wedding I had a recurring dream that all my hair had fallen out and I had to walk the aisle bald. What can this mean? I also dreamt that my H2B had a fight the night before the wedding and showed up covered in cuts and bruises. I did have a dream about kicking my mother-in-law but Ii think that may have been more like wishful thinking :)

Joan says: In dreams, hair often symbolises vanity. The ritual act of shaving the head indicates a reunciation of worldly ways. Early dream interpreters suggested that to dream of going bald predicts an imminent loss of the heart. There you are, you are giving your heart away to your husband, gorgeous!

Seeing your H2B with cuts and bruises depicts a threat to your foundations of being safe and secure, but really it may be that his intended bucks night is not what you want it to be and you fear that he may get into a scuffle. I think most brides think the same.

Finally, your mother-in-law being kicked by you, I think this dream is a play on words type and the subconscious tends to overdramatise your wording! When you may have said laughingly or seriously that you would like to 'kick' your mother-in-law then there's your dream!

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