If you've flicked through our step-by-step guide for a smooth-sailing proposal then here's what not to do when planning a proposal.

1. Avoid Public Proposals

Don't propose in front of family and friends - or at the football - unless she or he's  told you plain and simple it's what they want (and they said so with a straight face)

2. Find the right time

Don't propose when she or he's about to walk into a work presentation, an exam or is focussed something of importance that is happening in their life.  Be patient, let it pass, then ask.

3.  Gossip

Don't tell everyone you know you're proposing before you do. Maybe a couple of nearest and dearest friends, if they are helping with the proposal plans, and their parents if you are asking permission first. You would hate them to find out about their upcoming nuptials from their neighbour.

4. Leave it a day

If you are feeling pressured or you're not sure just yet, slow down. Get to know each other better and you'll still be able to ask the question in six months' time.

5. On Trend

If you're planning to propose because everybody else is, stop. It might be a reason to evaluate where you're at in life. It's not a reason to accelerate a relationship that's not ready. And it's not fair on anyone.


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