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What is competitive marriage syndrome?

When your wedding becomes more about outdoing your peers with the biggest and the best, rather than a celebration of your love and commitment to each other.

Does it really exist?

CMS (Competitive Marriage Syndrome) is a condition that has been known to affect brides, grooms and at times members of the bridal party. Although many will argue that CMS has been around for centuries, the condition has only recently been given a name and experts are sighting celebrity weddings as the reason behind the trend.

How do you know if you have it?

  • Do you find yourself secretly taking notes at friends weddings on how you could do it better?
  • Did you blow your entire wedding budget on the wedding dress alone?
  • Are your wedding shoes more expensive than your car?
  • Could your wedding guest list populate a large country town?
  • Is Gordon Ramsay doing the food?
  • Do you argue that the reason for going over your wedding budget was not over spending but under budgeting?

Possible side effects

  • Overspending, stress, confrontations with your spouse, confrontations with your family, confrontations with yourself.
  • Loss of income from spending too much time away from work planning the wedding of the decade.
  • The possible cancellation of your wedding as you begin to believe it will never be good enough.

Who do we blame?

Is it our parents, who have said they wanted nothing but the best for us? Or can we blame celebrity weddings and the glossy magazines that insist that the only place to really get married is in a 1000 year old Italian castle. Or is it just us??

How to avoid being affected

Remember that your wedding is a celebration of your commitment to each other.  Your wedding guests will be more impressed by a wedding that says something about you.

Have your say . .

Whether you've seen the movie or not, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic of CMS ... have you been a victim ? or are you a sufferer ;-) . .

Let us know by adding your comments below...

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