According to the celebrant of fun Josh Withers, 9 out of 10 brides he marries marry today are taking their husband's last name. 'Sometimes excitingly, sometimes reluctantly, if only because if or when they start a family they feel it would be weird for mum and dad to have different last names and mum might have a different last name to the children.'

If 9 out of 10 brides are changing their name then what are the rest doing.

Here are 6 possibilities:

  1. Keep your name
  2. Throw a hyphen between you and your spouses last name
  3. Make your maiden name your middle name and take on your spouses surname
  4. Your spouse takes your name (as Zoe Saldana's husband Marco Perego did)
  5. Name by association, ie take your spouses name in social circles without changing any of your documentation
  6. Make up something new - yes a couple has actually done this by changing their last name to Van Halen, true fans

ceremony with Josh withers

Married by Josh

How to change your name

Once you have your marriage certificate you can begin the process of changing your name, and you'll be relieved to know it's easy to do so. If you were married in Australia you don't need to formally change your name. The most you will need to do to change the name on your driver's license or passport is simply need to turn up and provide your Standard Marriage Certificate.

Warning : Be aware that if you opt for anything other than changing it to your spouses be prepared for a barrage of questions. Are you keeping your name for professional reasons? Don't you like your husband's last name? Can't you be bothered with the paperwork?  Are there no boys to carry on your family name?" Are you really changing your last name to "Skywalker"? Why?

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