Are you the type of couple who think rules were mean to be broken? Or who like to put your own stamp on things? Then take inspiration from everyone's favourite newlyweds, Harry and Meghan, who carved their own path in more ways than one...some subtle, some not so.

Whether you have your own rogue preacher moment or a mother-in-law looking less than impressed with your choices, it is your day, and you're entitled to plan it your way, just like the new Duke and Duchess.

Here's how H&M stepped away from royal tradition....the question is, how will you? And how will your Mum and Dad react when you do?

The wedding dress

While at first glance Meghan's dress appears pretty traditional, well, besides that hint of shoulder she dared to bare, it was actually the first royal bridal dress ever created by a non-British fashion house - Givenchy. The actual designer, however, Clare Waight Keller, is at last they got a look in that way!

The ‘do'

With her loose bun - complete with loose locks framing her face - Meghan's understated look was quite the opposite of the traditional royal bridal do, looking more like her everyday hairstyle, and giving the impression of a laidback, rather than a look-at-me, bride.

The approach

It seems Meghan's walk down the aisle was never going to be too traditional, with her distinctly unconventional family's on-again off-again attendance at the event no doubt making planning her aisle walk somewhat challenging.

In a last-minute twist, the bride took the unusual step of walking down the nave of St George's Chapel alone, before being escorted by her future father-in-law Prince Charles from the quire to the waiting Prince Harry....who incidentally couldn't resist watching her - another break with royal protocol.

The best man

While royal traditional typically dictates not having a best man to stand beside the groom - instead having a ‘supporter' or two - Harry chose to follow brother William's lead, eschew tradition, and follow the way most of us do choosing his brother to be by his side as an official ‘best man'.

That preacher

Here's where the couple more than bent tradition, they well and truly smashed it with the extended performance by the Most Reverend Bruce Curry.

Not only was he not from the traditional Church of England, but his lengthy, entertaining, off-script performance was perhaps the most unusual departure from tradition ever seen at a royal wedding.

The music

From a prodigal teen cellist to Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir belting out their own version of R&B classic ‘Stand By Me' in a gospel choir's first-ever royal wedding appearance, Harry and Meghan's music choices were highly unconventional.

Who wore the pants?

Well, Prince George for one, and whilst they looked pretty cute to the rest of us, to traditional royal observers, seeing the young royal in trousers, rather than the typical dress shorts and socks combo, was, well, rather shocking.

You see young royals are meant to wear shorts at all times, not the frock coat and trousers look we saw on Prince George and his posse.

Hairy Harry

An unshaven groom is a sight not seen at a royal wedding, since, well....1893, when King George V failed to shave to exchange vows with Mary of Teck. Who knew a ginger beard could make such a statement!

The royal rings

Unlike big brother Wills, and many other royal men before him, Harry has chosen to emulate his beautiful bride and wear a wedding band.

Not only that, while Meghan's ring is made from the same premium Welsh gold as traditional royal rings, Harry has opted for a platinum version instead.

The cake

Unlike the conventional fruitcake chosen by generations of royal brides and grooms, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, Harry and Meghan chose a fresh deconstructed elderflower and lemon cake, crafted by Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes in London.

The kiss

Ok, so it wasn't quite the balcony kiss we would have loved to have, but the couple's smooch on the steps just outside St George's Chapel was unexpected, and just divine.

The happy snaps

A major departure from the usual official royal wedding portraits, which are formal and a smidge fussy, Harry and Meghan chose an intimate black-and-white shot. Could we love them any more?

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