Caught yourself stressing about something and then feeling guilty because it's SO ridiculous? Then this article is for you.

1. You desperately want a 20 tiered wedding cake, but you'll need to invite 250 guests to justify it

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2. Your dress is perfect, but you're not sure how the 15 layers of tulle are going to fit in the wedding car

wedding planning dilemas

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3. You're torn between a live band and downloading a wedding playlist

wedding dilemas


4. Your fiancé thinks they're an incredible dancer and you're not sure how to let them down gently

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5. You can't decide between Fiji and Hawaii for the Honeymoon

wedding dilemas

6. You've planned your entire wedding on Pinterest and your boyfriend hasn't proposed yet

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7. Your engagement ring keeps distracting you with its incredible sparkliness

wedding dilemas

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8. You can't check your guest list against your Facebook friends because facebook doesn't do alphabetical order

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9. One of your bridesmaids is a foot taller than the tallest groomsman

wedding dilemas


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