From pizza to bibles, these men (and some women) pulled out all the stops on their quest to get a 'yes'. 

21. The rock

Hamish Blake, of Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy, spared no expense in getting his girlfriend the biggest rock that would fit on her finger.

Image Credit: Hamish Blakehamish blake wedding

20. Waterslide

After the picture appeared on the big screen at the end of the slide, she turned around and said yes. We're still not sure how she feels about the photos.

WIll You Marry Me On A Water Slide


19. Tree carving

While we don't condone graffiting trees, this is certainly an artful proposal.

wedding proposalsmarriage proposals

18. Ploughing

This farmer must have really wanted a wife.

marriage proposals


17. Trained dolphin

It's really a shame that more people don't have trained dolphins on hand to propose with. 

unique marriage proposals

16. Bibles

The way to every Christian girl's heart, a line of bibles all opened to different verses on marriage.

marriage proposalsunique marriage proposals

15. Macaroon

What girl doesn't love a huge chunk of diamond with her macarons? 

unique marriage proposals

14. Valentine's Day

This is just adorable.

unique marriage proposals

Caroline Tran Photography

13. Ice cream

Apparently Ben and Jerry's  make custom proposal tubs to order. 

unique marriage proposals

Head Over Heels

12. Quidditch

This Harry Potter fan caught the snitch of a lifetime. Her fiancé had this box custom made just for the occasion.

unique marriage proposals

Custom Made

11. Prescription proposals

While this pharmacist probably isn’t supposed to be writing his own scripts, we’ll forgive him for this cute proposal idea.

unique marriage proposals

10. Zelda references

Nerds everywhere will be drooling over this Zelda reference.

unique marriage proposals

For more quirky proposal ideas find on Pinterest

9. Shower curtain

Hopefully she said yes, because otherwise there’s going to be an awkward reminder till they do up the bathroom.

unique marriage proposals


8. Make it a proposal they can't resist!

Tiny kittens are endearing at the best of times, but even more so when they’re carrying diamonds

unique marriage proposals


7. Pokéball

We’re sure she’s delighted to know that she’s beaten out Pikachu in the quest for her fiancés heart.

unique marriage proposals

Fashionably Geek

6. Pizza

Whether you think it’s romantic or not, this couple had their first kiss outside a 24 hour pizza place and he wanted to incorporate that into his proposal.

unique marriage proposals

5. Coffee

This just seems logical, she’s probably a lot more likely to say yes after she’s had her morning coffee.

unique marriage proposals


4. Photobooth

This girl was feeling so sick she almost didn’t let her boyfriend drag her into the photo booth for some happy snaps….

unique marriage proposals

Team Ropes Course

3. Coca Cola bottles

Our favourite beverage themed proposal from this week, Donnie McGilvray used the 'share a coke' campaign to pop the question. 

unique marriage proposals

Coca-Cola Journey

2. Nintendo commands

This fanatic gamer proposed to her boyfriend with an adorable display of geekery. 

unique marriage proposals


1.  X - Ray

Don’t worry; he didn’t actually swallow the diamonds. This is soldering wire and a ring taped to his chest. He concocted a plan to have his chiropractor girlfriend give him a check-up and the x-ray results were most unexpected.

unique marriage proposals


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