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Today posting about your wedding is almost as important as planning it, and with social media savvy guests poised to snap and share creating a memorable - and original - wedding hashtag to collate all your images in one spot is high on the pre-wedding to-do-list.

We've put together a quick 'how to' guide to hashtags - feel free to share your own below....

1. Know your names 

To incorporate names, think beyond your first and last names to combinations of the two or nicknames your guests might be familiar with (or not!). Combining initials or going with a celebrity-style combo such as #Bennifer or #Kimye along with your wedding words are also popular picks. Fresh ways to use names we've seen include #NewlyWedsOnTheBloch and #WeSupportGreyMarriage....

2. Share, share and share again 

There's no point toiling over the perfect hashtag if you don't share it around. Why not include it right from the outset with your 'save the date' messages, engagement event, hen's do, wedding invitations, wedding signage, programs, menus and more.

3. Rhyme time 

See if you can create a rhyme using your names, your venue or your date - tied together with a wedding phrase such as #JackAndJillRafterHappilyEverAfter or #Mr&MrsTrottTiedTheKnot. Obvious options to rhyme with include forever, love, wedding, marriage, hitched, 'tie the knot', 'say I do", 'say yes' and 'together forever'.

4. Perfect your puns 

Planning to keep it lighthearted? Pick a pun to set the tone. You might be able to incorporate your name or venue...there are entire idiom websites to trawl for inspiration. Try or for starters...

5. Capitals are cool 

Don't forget to use capital letters to distinguish each new word in your hashtag. It makes it way easier to read (but guests don't have to use caps when they type it) and avoids any misspellings which could see your snaps splashed all over someone else's social media spread.

6. We're all for alliteration

Alliteration is a cute and simple way to make your hashtag memorable for your guests, and that's the whole idea, right? (apart from looking cute in your wedding communications of course) Think #WatkinsWedding #NorrisNuptials #MemorableMaroneseMarriage or #RutherordRomance and you'll get the idea.

7. Availability is key 

Once you've come up with a few potential hashtags, check to see whether they're available. While you can double up, you'll potentially lose control of where your photos end up so slogging away until you find something unique is often worth the wait.

8. Add the date or location

If you're finding all your options are already taken, try adding a reference to the venue, location or date such as 'SYD', 'Fiji', 'GC', 'Tas', 'Nov', '12Jan' (you get the picture) to the end of your preferred hashtag to make it work.

9. Borrow from those who've been before 

If you're struggling to create something entirely unique there's no shame in borrowing ideas from those who've been there before. By adding your name, initials, venue or other details to the following hot hashtag ideas you can create something that's uniquely yours from something that was originally someone else's!




#WeSaidIDoOnXXXX(insert date)


#ChuffedToBeAXXXXXX(insert surname)






#SignedSealedDeliveredXXX(insert surname)

10. Keep it classic 

Despite your best efforts it may just not be possible to come up with something super cute and clever for your wedding hashtag, especially if your names are tricky, extra long or tough to spell. There's no shame in keeping it classic with #MikeAndMelSep15 or #NickAndKateBeachWedding. Sometimes simple really is the best strategy.

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