Ok, now things are getting stressful... up until now I've been pretty calm, but with the arrival of guests from overseas, particularly the in-laws, it really does feel quite real! Three other friends from London have just arrived, as well as my bridesmaid also from London, so needless to say the champagne is flowly freely!

DRESS: Had the final fitting and can pick up at the end of the week, it is looking truly stunning, more amazing than I could ever have imagined. Lisa Merton's attention to detail is second to none. The top panel of the dress is adorned with mirrors, vintage sari material, crystals and beaded fringing, and is truly a work of art! My bridesmaid was gobsmacked, which is always a good sign. Am over the moon.

PETALS: A wonderful Indian tradition is petals at a wedding, however there was always going to be a problem for us with fresh petals, getting them to the country and also the problem of them wilting in the strong country heat. Simply Roses are a fantastic Melbourne based company that specialise in dried petals in a spectrum of gorgeous colours, and can ship both Australia Wide as well as internationally. Sarah Benjamin from Simply Roses was fabulous to deal with, and also suggested we use the petals as 'natural confetti' and give them to guests in 'petal cones' which she creates herself. The cones come in a range of metallic cardboard colours and then are personalised with your name and wedding date, in a font to suit your theme. What a great idea! Simply Roses also has 'petal cannons' which shoot petals up to 4 metres into the air! I also decided against having my bridesmaids carry bouquets and instead they carried on the petal theme, carrying beautiful antique Indian bowls filled with coloured petals. As we also had so much colour and texture already happening on our tables, we decided against centrepieces and to go with a scattering of dried petals on the tables instead. Not only are they sticking with the Indian tradition of petals at a wedding, they are also a great way to add a different slant to 'wedding flowers' and also don't obstruct any view between guests at the tables! We also filled fabulous large brass float bowls with the petals at the reception to enhance the Indian theme.Visit for more information.

CAMELS: Bit the bullet and decided to get them! Would have loved us girls to come down on the camels but considering my dress is far too precious we've decided they are for the boys... and what a way to make an entrance!

CAKE: Oh my gosh, what can I say. We picked up the cake from Planet Cake and it is unlike anything I have ever seen before, words won't do it justice. An incredible creation of pinks, reds and golds, taking inspiration from the mirrors on my dress, the patterns on our sari table runners and an exquisite cake topper in the form of the Goddess Lakshmi - unbelievable.

BRIDESMAIDS ACCESSORIES: Had a last minute crisis trying to find shoes for the bridesmaids as all autumn and winter stock is in - and the abundant supply of jewelled thongs I saw everywhere are now non existant! Finally found 3 pairs of stunning bejewelled leather thongs in gold, with Indian beads and fringing which will go beautifully with their dresses. Also found amazing chandalier earrings for them all, in colours to match their dresses (pink, green and red) which are sensational and really make the whole look. As they are shoulder length the girls have had to wear them for a while to get used to them! Also each bridesmaid is wearing a bindi on their forehead to complete the picture.

BRIDES SHOES: Again, I was cutting things very fine with my shoes and accessories, but as you can probably guess by now, I thrive under pressure! Searched high and low for a pair of shoes that not only were fabulous, but also comfortable. Things were not looking so great, but at 5.55pm, 5 minutes before store close, I found the most divine pair of bejewelled shoes, the last pair in stock, of course in my size. And what do you know, they are also incredibly comfortable!

EARRINGS: My friend Valeska from Valeska Designs creates the most stunning jewellery and I really wanted something personal to wear on my wedding day. As she was just getting back from a business trip to Asia, she could only make them at the last minute and give to Tory@i-do to bring up to the wedding for me - so I put my trust in her! Can't wait to see them on the day!

INDIAN WEDDING PROPS: DjM from Nishana Entertainment has been amazing, and will be the main decorator at the wedding. He will be bringing up the traditional Indian Mandap for us to get married under (a beautiful silk dome), as well as stunning Indian silk umbrellas. He will also provide all of the gorgeous brass gods and goddesses for the reception and the stunning beaded backdrops, not forgetting the amazing Maharaja chairs for the bride and groom!

ORDER OF SERVICE: We have finally got these printed and they look amazing. My friend who is an art director did the layout, and another friend who is a stylist made the covers, with bits of sari material sewn onto organic board. Wonderful!

Better run, got to pick up more guests from the airport! Not sure if I will be able to fit in another entry before the big day, but promise to get back asap with pics and a run down of how it all went! See you soon as a married woman!


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