While games aren't on everyone's reception entertainment agenda, those with a desire to encourage amusing interaction with groups of guests who don't know each other are increasingly seeking out surprising and sometimes hilarious activities to play on their big day.

For a little extra action in between canap├ęs, toasts, speeches and the opening of the dance floor, why not try on some of these for size - or invent your own?

1. Scavenger Hunt

This one is great fun, and a bit of a nod to childhood memories, and ideally suited to an outdoor or country wedding. Perhaps ask family members or close pals to hide the goodies - whether they're treats to eat, trinkets or funny photos of the bride and groom - whilst the bridal party if off having photos taken.

2. Trivia - Wedding Quizzes

Whether it's general, celebrity wedding or bride and groom specific, everyone loves a spot of trivia, and there's nothing like a quiz contest to boost the rivalry, and banter, between opposing tables. Your MC can be quizmaster and prizes can be awarded to top performing tables.

3. Eggs Through The Legs

This is an oldie but a goodie requiring a hard-boiled egg, a brave groom (so long as he's not in on the joke) and a bride with ace acting skills. The aim is for the bride to transfer the egg (claiming it's fresh) up one leg of her groom's pants and down the other - without any mishaps. This is a sure-fire favourite for the older relatives who never fail to get a giggle from the threat of a spill and a compromising position.

4. Artists In Residence

Give each guest a sheet of paper and a marker and ask them to draw the newlyweds, cartoon style. The happy couple can select the winning artists - and they get a selection of portraits to add to their photo album for laughs.

5. Guess Who?

All you need is a blindfold for this tried and tested favourite in which the groom is blindfolded and has to approach a line up (which includes his bride and an array of male and female guests of all ages) to try to identify his new wife. You can decide whether he must decide based on smell, a handshake or even a kiss.

6. Celebrate With A Bang!

This quick but crafty game only needs a balloon and a willing pair of newlyweds who must work together to pop it between them using their bodies - but not their hands or feet.

If games are your thing there are many more to choose from, or if you're on the creative side, freel free to invent your own. You might start a new trend among your friends....

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