Poems to attach to confetti bags to throw at your wedding ceremony or reception. 

Seed or birdseed for confetti :

Each tiny seed is a little prayer 
At the end of the service let them fly through the air 
As each seed falls, may husband and wife, 
Know God's richest blessings for the rest of their life.

Wedding Bubbles :

Use me to blow wishes
as the bride & groom go away,
Keep me as a token
of this fun and special day!

Rice may be tradition
but bubbles are more fun,
To wish the newly weds well
as their new life has just begun!

Why not shower the bride & groom
with bubbles that fill the air,
As long as they aren't detergent ones,
They will not really care!

Please refrain from throwing rice & confetti,
as it can be painful & awfully messy!
Think of the brides beautiful gown,
so she won't give you a scornful frown
As confetti & rose petals may also stain
her beautiful gown and train.

To fill the air with an aura of romance
Please blow these bubbles while we have our first dance.

Be a part of our first dance in a special way
Please blow these bubbles while our favourite song plays.

Blow bubbles of good wishes
for the New Mr. and Mrs.

Blown away
on our Joyous Day!

Since rice and seeds are not allowed,
Please blow bubbles into the crowd!

Wedding Tip

Some bubbles may leave their mark on the fabric of wedding gowns; as can stained rose petals and colourful paper confetti on a rainy day.

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