If you are hosting a sit down wedding you are going to have to think about how you present the table. We put together our favourite #instagrammable table decor to get you inspired!

Ombre Blue

Tie dye/ watercolour blue is a beautiful colour often seen on cakes and invitations why not add a table throw and cushions to keep the theme going?

Graciously Green

With so many shades of green the possibilities are endless, pick your favourite leaves or succulents and scatter them across the table centre.


Violently Violet

Fitting with Pantone 2018 colour of the year violet is a stunning decor colour.

Raw and Rustic

Get rustic with neutral colours and dried botanicals - such as palm fronds and pampas grass. 

Posh princess

Combining pinks and purples is bound to give your wedding that posh princess feel.

Tropical Vibes

Nothing tops off a tropical themed wedding like large split leaf philodendrons and palm leaves. String them above them above the table or create a flat lay under or around the plates.


Hot fire flames

Nothing is more classic than grouped candles across a wedding table. Simply pick some soy wax candles and craftfully create a combo.


Vow script

Place your vows or romantic poems down the centre of your table. Not only is it adorably cute but also looks super cool.

She sells sea shells by the sea shore

Nothing gives a wedding a beachy touch like corals and shells laid across the table.

Beach wedding decor has never looked more divine?? #i_do_weddingaustralia ?? @trentandjessie

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How much wood would a wood-chop chop?

Nothing else matters when you accentuate a raw wood table as the backdrop.

Rosey Red

If you're going for a rose-filled wedding it may be expensive to go over the top on the table... Instead, take off the petals and place them in a pretty pattern and string a green vine through the middle, we think this looks even better!

Super table styling Paula punch ???????? #i_do_weddingaustralia Styled by @casadeperrin

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Rose Gold

Wanting to be both pretty and fresh but also glamerous? Rose gold could be the colour code for your table decor.



Glamerous Gold

This post would not be complete without some yellow gold inspiration.



Try-hard Turquoise 

Combine blues and greens shades to give your table a turquoise glow.

Two colour combo

Your wedding is not restricted to just one colour theme! Why not pick two contrasted colours that compliment each other?


This holographic table cloth has us feeling like we are in dreamland. 

Somewhere over the rainbow

Can't pick just one colour? Why not combine them all for a rainbow showcase?

Simply Sophisicated

Sometimes simple is more sophisticated, a plain table cloth with a singular flower accent on the plate or in the centre could be all your wedding needs. 


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