Photo booths offer endless entertainment, and there are plenty of resources out there for making your own unique backdrop!

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Get your creative juices flowing and decide just how you want your very own wedding photo booth to look - just what theme you choose and how far you take it is up to you.

Perhaps you'll want a plain backdrop, an image of a starry night or a Hollywood red carpet set-up. Make sure the area's well lit, which might mean getting in a spotlight or some other lights - remember, great lighting means flattering photos!

Make sure there are fun props for your guests to pose with, such as moustaches, hats, feather boas or a large picture frame.

Here are a few ideas on how to really make your backdrop and photo booth pop.

1. Raid Your Ribbon Drawer

Photobooth Backdrop Ideas With Ribbon

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Grab some of your favourite fabrics and ribbons to act as a backdrop, which you can drape around the photo area. It's the perfect chance to use your wedding colours, or choose a new theme altogether. From the ultimate in sophistication to the quirky and whimsical, fabric and ribbon can create many different looks.

2. All The World's A Stage

Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

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If you've got some crafty friends of family, why not build a miniature stage or wall with holes that guests can stick their heads through as part of a fun design?

Making a wall of "family photos" with a couple of empty frames and holes cut where the guests can pose is one idea, or you could even paint the wall with some novelty bodies - perhaps in a wedding dress and suit - so your guests' heads complete the picture through the hole!

3. Paper Pinwheels & Honeycomb Pom Poms

honeycomb pom poms and pinwheel photo booths

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Easy to make and offering great variety for colour combinations, paper pinwheels and honeycomb pom poms make fabulous bright photo backdrops, and can also be used to jazz up the dessert table.

pin wheel photo booths

Requiring only scrapbook paper, doilies, a stapler and a glue gun, these pretty pinwheels are a great option for brides with limited artistic abilities - just get a couple of bridesmaids on board for a craft session!  

Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

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