While the traditional look is still a firm favourite - think red carpet aisles with white organza bows - more and more brides are experimenting with adding interest to that all-important walk down the aisle to set the mood for their entire event.

Check out some of these exquisite ideas to spruce up the aisle in ways you may have never imagined.

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1. Personalise It

Ideas for ceremony aisles

Hang a selection of pretty frames featuring your favourite couples' snaps or insert romantic quotes or poems you love.

2. Floor It

Unique Aisles For Your Wedding Ceremony

Bamber Photography

Rake pretty petals into patterns along the aisle or if your venue is particularly accommodating - or you're tying the knot in the backyard - mow your initials into the grass....

3. Cover It

Colourful Aisles

Photography By Gema

Cover the aisle with a flowing fabric canopy (go with bright colours if you dare for an Arabian-nights look) or hang cascading flowers from a timber or bamboo frame or wrought iron archway.....

4. Go Green

Unique Wedding Ceremony Aisles

Dalal Photography

Take inspiration from Wills and Kate and line your aisle with potted trees, standard roses, topiary or to create a magical Mediterranean look, choose olive or lemon trees in terracotta pots.

5. Hang It

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Corey Kendra Photography

An inexpensive option for picture perfect aisle, hanging mason jars or tin pots filled with fresh flowers - petite blooms and natives look sublime - add a touch of nostalgia and can be tied in to your overall colour scheme for a coordinated look.

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