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It's never too late to set yourself a healthy schedule. Whether you are one, six or twelve months out from your wedding or even a week, select all or a few simple ideas and put them on your healthy things to do before the wedding list.


Commence a skin care regimen to ensure that your skin is in optimum health and looking its best. Things to consider are:

Drink at least eight glasses (2 litres) of water daily

Buy a course of glycolic acid skin care treatments and/or regular facials.

Get oxygen, go for brisk walk away from the city smog at the beach or in the country.

Examine your diet and alter it to include more fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

If your skin is problematic, consult your doctor or dermatologist. Stress and anxiety can cause lackluster skin, so breath deeply and start to relax about the wedding plans.


Devise an exercise routine that will suit your lifestyle and help to make the very most out of your spare time. We suggest:

Rising thirty minutes earlier and walking your dog before work - you will love the benefits and so will your dog! If yours is a dog free home, go for a brisk walk to the nearest milkbar for the daily newspaper.

Joining an exercise class. This is a fantastic workout - you'll be fitter than you've ever been as well as getting rid of all your frustration's and stress at the same time!

Take up yoga. Great if you aren't the type to sweat. Your muscle tone will improve dramatically and your stress levels will be reduced to zero.


Think about body exfoliating treatments - especially valuable if you are planning on wearing a low-cut gown. Many reputable beauty therapists and day spas offer body wraps, exfoliation, seaweed treatments etc. Your skin always looks and feels better after a professional body treatment.


Spray tans have become a brides best friend, however don't make your wedding day the first day to try one out.  Have a few practise runs to see if you like them and they last, and be sure that they won't mark your white wedding gown on the day.

If using a tanning lotion, find a product you love, won't mark your dress on the day and start practicing early, or have someone help you to put it on evenly. Always exfoliate your entire body before applying a fake tan and double check that it won't stain your wedding dress. 


Just as your face and body must be in peak condition for your big day, so should your hair. Regular trims, conditioning treatments and colour all need to be carefully planned for maximum effectiveness. So, consult with your hairstylist to construct a plan of attack!

Hair not only needs to be cared for on the outside, but from the inside as well. A healthy diet means shiny, healthy hair. So to have fabulous follicles for your wedding day, eat well in the lead up make sure you get a hair dresser that is proficient in special occasion styling.


Regular manicures at home or in the salon are a treat, and apply moisturiser regularly. If you just can't get your nails looking good, cheat with acrylic or gel overlays?


Keep your feet well exfoliated and moisturized, especially around the heels which tend to crack. Don't neglect your toe nails! Keep it simple - filed evenly and painted a pretty colour, or buffed to perfection so they look beautiful in open toe shoes and when you take your shoes off.

Brows And Lashes

To get the most out of beauty treatments such as eyelash/brow tinting and body hair removal, try to plan to have these done close to the wedding day (not the day before, just in case of disasters!). This way you will be at your beautiful best not only on your wedding day, but throughout the duration of the honeymoon as well as.

Have your brows plucked by an expert, to make sure that you have perfect arches, because your eyebrows frame your face and a good or bad shape can really affect your appearance.

If your lashes are pale consider tinting them so that less mascara is necessary. Consider water proof mascara on the day for any wedding day tears.


To make your lips look perfect for the wedding day put some Vaseline or Paw Paw ointment on a baby's toothbrush and buff away any dry, flaky skin on your lips.

Can't Sleep

Massage a good quality lavender oil around your hairline or sprinkle a little on your pillow. All of these will help you to sleep well in that last week. Failing these techniques, try herbal teas and relaxants such as Valerian.


This is a happy event in your life. Do not get to your wedding day filled with concerns and worries.

Relax and balance yourself before your wedding day with a simple massage, a yoga session, beauty treatment, a walk along the beach or a meandering country trail. Healing therapies, like reiki, can re-align your internal energies and help give you confidence to take that walk down the aisle.

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