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Your Smile for your wedding photograph … like your special day … should be a happy memory. You spend hours choosing your wedding gown, shoes, makeup … but what about your smile? Looking your best, especially when second chances aren't an option, is extremely key. Your wedding day photos will tell your blissful story for a lifetime. Many brides spend their wedding budget on the fanciest dress and the finest photographer and videographer in town but don't consider brightening their smiles because they feel it's "not cost effective". Because they are on a budget, a pleasing smile doesn't seem to be important…until it's too late. One bride we know could not wait to come home from her honeymoon to view her wedding proofs. As she sorted through the 100+ photos taken that day, she was amazed how the photographer had captured several main moments in such vivid details. She was saddened that many of the pictures she liked with her smiling accentuated her only true fault: her crooked, yellow teeth. She was upset that the truly beautiful day was ruined by her smile. She never wanted to show the album to anyone. Also far too many newlyweds receive their wedding pictures only to find that the beautiful bride (or groom) isn't smiling.

Why would that be? How could that happen? It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Well we found out that men and women with less-than perfect teeth are extremely self-conscious on their wedding day. The last thing they want is to “ruin" their pictures with teeth and a smile. So they choose, sub-consciously, not to smile at all.

At our Melbourne cosmetic dentistry practice in CBD, we are dedicated to serving the cosmetic dental needs of patients in Melbourne and surrounding area. People near and far travelled to see us and have their teeth Cosmetically improved or enhance with the variety of Smile Makeover procedures available. Our office is a full service dental office, providing you with the latest in technology, cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive dental services. One advantage of a smile makeover is that the bride gets to take it with her after the ceremony. It’s one of an investment that will make your day and provide many years of dividends.

As a cosmetic and general dentist in Melbourne CBD, we also offer whole range of cosmetic dentistry treatments including Extreme Smile Makeovers. Depending on your budget and time frame, there are several types of smile makeovers available with three being the most popular: ZOOM or Laser Brite In-Office Power bleach or teeth whitening, Dental bonding and “Instant Orthodontics” with Porcelain Veneer, Ceramic Crowns and Bridges. Whether you want an extreme smile makeover or a more subtle change, our Melbourne Cosmetic and General dentist, will design a treatment plan to fit your unique needs and budget.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Be your best! Let us help you bring out your most confident and beautiful smile!

To learn more about getting an extreme smile makeover at our Melbourne CBD practice, contact our cosmetic dentist or please visit our Website and have a look at our Before and after gallery on how we have helped many achieving the Smile of their dreams.



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Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Melbourne CBD –Tooth Whitening with ZOOM / Laser Brite, Dental Bleaching or Teeth Whitening, $580 Zoom Laserbrite Teeth Whitening Special offer, In-Office Power Bleach Laser dental bleaching lightening, Instant Orthodontics, Porcelain Crowns & Veneers, Extreme Smile Makeover and more. Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne CBD Dr. Zenaidy Castro