In keeping with tradition those in the know at Pantone each year crown their top colour trends that influence fashion and interiors as well as weddings.  In the past we have seen magical, earthy marsala is the colour to covet and in 2016 it was the prettiest Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

Can you guess which wedding colour was this years colour of the year? You'll have to follow the link at the end of the page to find out...

1. Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow Panetone DecorPink Yarrow Panetone Decor

We Heart Photography

A bold colour for bold brides that's tropical and festive, this attention seeking hue is said to lift spirits and gets the party started.

Pink Yarrow Pantone Decor

When He Found Her

2. Greenery 

Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings and couldn't be better for weddings this year. Greenery invigorates a wedding with a freshness that can't be found in any other colour. Greenery is for beautiful garden wedding and if that's not going to work for you then bring the outdoors in.

Greenery Pantone DecorGreenery Pantone Decor

Stehlik Photography & Erich McVey

Refresh, re-invigorate and re-oxygenate your wedding and decor with plenty of tangy greenery.  

Greenery Pantone DecorGreenery Pantone Wedding

Jose Villa

3. Pale Dogwood

Not exactly a name that conjurs the prettiest of images however this colour is far from ugly.  

Pantone Pale Dogwood WeddingPantone Pale Dogwood Wedding

Michael and Carina Eric Kelley Photography

This colour embues a sense of elegant tranquility with an aura of innocence and purity. Give your wedding a healthy glow with Pale Dogwood.

Pantone Pale Dogwood Wedding

Joy Proctor

4. Island Paradise

Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua that calls to mind a change of scenery. 

Pantone Island Paradise WeddingPantone Island Paradise Wedding

Jenny Packam & Rachel Solomon

This shade is perfect for couples who want to create a great escape for their wedding guests, regardless of whether they are planning a wedding at or away from home.

Pantone Island Paradise WeddingPantone Island Paradise Wedding

Mint Photogtaphy & Sarah Mckenzie

5. Flame

Flamboyant and vivacious, this fiery shade adds a pop colour and warmth.

Pantone Flame WeddingPantone Flame Wedding

Lauren Flame Photography & Weddings By Nicola and Glen

Pantone Flame Wedding

6. Hazelnut

A key neutral shade for any wedding no matter the season or formality, this stunning unpretentious shade is natural, warm and earthy and we can't wait to see it grace the pages of our real weddings this year.

Pantone Hazelnut WeddingPantone Hazelnut Wedding

Megan Sorel Photography & Sweet Celebrations

7. Lapis Blue

Pantone Laptis Blue WeddingPantone Laptis Blue Wedding

Allen Tsai Photography & Stephanie Yonce Photography

This intense blue shade is imbued with an inner radiance, and oozes a richness that we look forward to seeing at weddings this year.

Pantone Laptis Blue WeddingPantone Laptis Blue Wedding

Nella Designs & Rachel Solomon

8. Primrose Yellow

Pantone Primrose Yellow WeddingPantone Primrose Yellow Wedding

Diana Mcgregor

Sparkling with vitality and warmth, this joyful shade brightens days and takes our wedding to a cheery destination all of it's own. 

Pantone Primrose Yellow WeddingPantone Primrose Yellow Wedding

Jose Villa Photography & Koman Photography

9. Niagara

Pantone Niagara WeddingPantone Niagara Wedding

Peter and Veronika

Niagara is a classic denim-like blue that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation, not that we are suggesting your bridal party turn up in jeans!! Heaven forbid!

Pantone Niagara WeddingPantone Niagara Wedding

Jacqueline Dallimore Photography & Sarah Hannam

10. Kale

It's taken the healthy food world by storm and you can't go into a cafe where it's not somewhere on the menu. Will 2017 be there year Kale makes it's way onto our wedding colour palate?

We are looking forward to seeing some awesome bouquets and wedding decor using Kale and kale inspired colours. 

Pantone Kale WeddingPantone Kale Wedding

Rachel Solomon Melanie Nedelko

And the winner is...

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