For most of us a wedding is the biggest event we will ever have to plan. It doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. The planning is all part of the wedding itself, so have some fun with it.

Here are our tips to ensure you get off to a good start:

  1. Making Announcements. Announcing to family and friends about your impending wedding plans is exciting and full of emotion, however don't rush off and invite all your friends on facebook or start appointing bridesmaids and groomsmen, take time to get a few other things sorted first before making promises.
  2. Briainstorm. Both of you should list the details of your ideal wedding separately then swap lists. This is a great way of prioritising and finding out whats really important to both of you.
  3. Set a budget. Sit down with your partner - and anyone else who may be contributing to the cost of the wedding - and set a realistic budget. i-do has some great tools that will help you manage and stick to your budget. We really recommend you take a moment to use them - it will save you time and money.
  4. Set a date. This won't be as easy as you think! First of all there are only 52 weekends in a year so you'll be competing with thousands of other brides wanting to get married on the same day as you. If your priority is venue and location then book the ceremony and reception venues first.
  5. Once you have a date and venue your priority should be to book the wedding services that are limited to performing one wedding in a day. Booking these services and crossing them off your list will give you plenty of time to focus on the more visual elements, such as the dress, the decorations, the cake and the flowers.
  6. Without doubt one of the first wedding disagreements you have will be about the wedding guest list. Unless you have a large venue and an unlimited budget you will have to make some sacrifices. People will have to be axed. An extra 10 guests could cost you and extra $2000. Don't rely on people declining your invitation, the world loves a wedding and people will move mountains to attend so plan on 100% attendance.

Remember the planning should be an enjoyable part of the wedding itself, so relax, pop some champagne and have some fun with it! For a detailed list of priorities and all the planning tools you need click here.

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