The Baker Boys Band

The Baker Boys Band are Australian based musicians who perform nationwide and internationally. As a proud part of the International Musicians League, Baker Boys Band are a group of world-class, full-time musicians, who lead the industry with standards, accountability and professionalism.

They play a high energy mix of funk, old-school rock, jazz, current top 40, soul, swing, 80s,70s & 90s hits, latin/afro-cuban, horas and more - anything that will get your guests up and dancing.

The Baker Boys Band

 The Baker Boys are completely self-managed, and so you get the best musicians in the country for a fraction of the price: you'll be pleasantly surprised at how far your budget goes for a top tier band... 

The band offers a music plan for weddings that can involve any or all of the following options:

  1. Ceremony- Such as a classical string quartet,  a violin and harp duo harp, or both. 
  2. Entry and Pre-Reception Drinks - This is really important as it sets the mood for your wedding, without over-doing it - performing the perfect music for sipping cocktails and making grand entrances.
  3. Dinner - A DJ service can keep the party going during dinner when you don't want live music.
  4. The Reception - When it's time to bring everyone on the dance floor you need a serious band. This is where Baker Boys have earned their reputation... 

"At the Baker Boys Band we pride ourselves on a style and song-list that aims at getting everyone up and jumping!" 

Click through for a quote and request a free demo CD to hear it for yourself.


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