The wedding day is over and your wedding dress most likely lie in a crumpled heap on the floor of your honeymoon suite, with mud stains on the hem, foot prints on the train and wedding cake on the bodice.

According to the experts the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, have your dress dry cleaned within four weeks of the wedding day.

If you are heading straight off for an extended honeymoon ask a helpful bridesmaid who isn't sick of you and your wedding ;) to take your wedding dress off to a dry cleaner, and not just any old dry cleaner one that is experienced in dry cleaning wedding gowns.

Hanging Wedding Dresses

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Ensure your gown has a care label that provides a viable care method and check with your gown supplier if the gown and trims are dry cleanable.

Trims such as beads and artificial pearls may dissolve and other trims may need to be altered or removed so be sure you inspect these with your cleaner in case an alternative method to dry cleaning is necessary.

Once your gown is cleaned, keep it wrapped in the acid free tissue and in the box provided, as this will provide the correct pH environment suited to the delicate fabric.

The box should not be air tight as the fabric should be able to breathe and store the box away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight, somewhere cool and dry is ideal.

Some people find that wrapping your dress in a clean white sheet or muslin cloth and storing in a dry, dark and cool place works just as well as acid free paper.

If there is any metal ornamentation on the gown (such as a brooch) it's wise to remove this before storage so that if the metal tarnishes, it won't transfer to the fabric.

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists also recommend you store metal headpieces and jewellery separately from the wedding dress to avoid rust and tarnishes on the dress.

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