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Wedding cake charms

The Victorian ceremony of the charm pull, wedding cake ribbon pull or wedding cake charms is a tradition you can keep alive today. We love this pretty ceremony which involves your bridesmaids or family members pulling a ribbon from your wedding cake, with a charm attached which tells their good fortune or luck.

The wedding cake charms, which might represent a happy family, engagement in the near future, or a life of adventure and travel, are attached to satin ribbons. Small Bows are tied at the opposite end.

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The custom of Ribbon Pulling dates back to the Victorian era in England when the bride hid small charms attached to ribbons within the layers of her wedding cake. This wedding tradition has made a charming comeback and you can now buy these gorgeous sterling silver wedding cake pull charms at Pink Frosting.

To use these pretty charms, hide them under the bottom layer of your cake with the satin ribbon and bows streaming delicately around the perimeter. It’s best to organise this with your wedding cake baker well in advance.

Each member of your wedding party pulls a charm which holds the promise of their future. Each charm has a special meaning. They can even read what that special meaning is so that the wedding guests will hear what is being wished for the bride and groom or for the charm-puller.

If you aren’t keen to use this tradition at your wedding reception, you could just as easily use them at a bridal shower or kitchen tea with your closest friends.

Some brides give their bridesmaids a silver bracelet on which to attach their charm, a memory keepsake. We love this idea for wedding attendant gifts - pretty, memorable and traditional all in one.

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