What was traditionally a white cement brick is now so much more, thanks to the shows like Cake Boss and Ace Of Cakes. Today wedding cakes are more magnificent monuments of edible art that reflects you and your wedding style.

The wedding cake is a tradition that will be forever popular. Your guests all look forward to a slice of that heavenly, delicious cake whether it’s as dessert at your wedding reception or received in a box to have as a snack on the way home.

There are lots of new trends out there that are definitely worth checking out, so before you order a cake for your wedding, take a look at some of the latest wedding cake trends:

1. Fondant Frosting

Fondant Frosting Cake

Fondant is a popular frosting craze that leaves many interesting possibilities open for brides and grooms. This type of frosting is actually rolled out like cookie dough, and then laid over the cake. It results in a very smooth cake, and it can easily be conformed to cakes of different shapes and sizes. One of the great things about fondant is that it comes in incredibly vibrant colors, and it also makes smooth, rounded edges on cakes, rather than the traditional squared off edges. Fondant cakes with all sorts of embellishments are really popular right now.

2. Wonky Cakes

Wonky wedding cakes

Rather than traditional round or rectangular wedding cakes, these cakes are unique ways for brides and grooms to show playful personality at a wedding reception. These cakes are made like traditional cakes, but they’re cut after baking into interesting shapes. Some have strange edges, and some are cut at angles on the top. A stack of wonky layers can be covered with fondant for a truly unique looking wedding cake.

3. Cupcake Cakes

Cupcake wedding cakes

Many brides having casual weddings are choosing to use cupcakes for their wedding cakes. As a DIY option for brides cupcakes are lots easier to make and decorate yourself. You can get special cupcake holders that will stack the mini wedding cakes up to look like a traditional tiered wedding cake.

This also cuts out the work of cutting and passing around the cake. And for those who simply can’t decide on a wedding cake flavour, cupcakes allows your wedding cake to be any number of flavours

4. Cake Toppers

Creative cake toppers

Wedding cakes have traditionally come with wedding cake toppers. Most of the time, you think of mini bride and groom figures when you think of wedding cake toppers. Today’s toppers are much more than that. Some are cascades of fresh or sugared flowers.

Others feature beautiful handmade monograms that can be used to decorate the home later on. Some creative decorators are also making personalised toppers out of icing paste that look just like the bride and groom.

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