Wedding bouquets are a carefully constructed display of flowers that has the potential to make or break your bridal ensemble, here are 5 beautiful bouquet trends that won't.

Find a local wedding florist to create one for you 


Handpicked Bouquet

Jose Villa

Don't be afraid to stray from the traditional bouquet, by adding 'handpicked' touches to your floral ensemble with a mix of garden flowers bunched together with open rough cut stems or sweet peas loosley tied with ribbon or baby's breath, wheat, dried lavender and twine.

To finish off your 'handpicked' bouquet, consider binding your flowers together with hessian fabric or loosely tied ribbon.


Succulent Bouquets

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These plants aren't just set for your sunrooms or window sills anymore, they're now making an appearance in brides' bouquets across the country.

Bunch your favourite variety of succulents together on their own, or intertwine them with some more of your favourite flowers. Peach or yellow roses, white daisies and other bright greenery go together fantastically with any shade of succulent. 

Colour Pop Bouquets

Colour Pop Bouquets


The pastel shades of periwinkle, lavender, mauve, peach and buttercup are generally favoured by brides, but brighter tones that pop with colour are starting to gain popularity.

Brides are daring to include floral mixes of oxblood red with sapphire blue, also adding a touch of tangerine orange, vivid violet and emerald green.

Use a colour wheel or similar as your guide to ensure you match complementary colours.

Mixing Blooms

Mixing Blooms Bouquets

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As far as bouquets go, this seasons trend of bunching and blending together the prettiest of bridal blooms and adding a splatter of red in the mix makes for one divine bouquet. This feminine classic is pure elegance and would add glamour to any wedding gown.

The Single Bloom

Single Bloom Bouquets


You can always opt to keep your bouquet simple by having just a single bloom. One sunflower, protea, amaryllis, calla lily or rose can have a dramatic, formal and romantic effect.

Choosing this style of bouquet can allow you to get a little more creative with your base, adding hanging ribbon or a vine of greenery to wrap it.

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