Planning the seating at your wedding reception may sound like an easy task, but this can be one big headache as far as wedding planning goes. A lot of careful planning is necessary to ensure that your wedding guests are comfortable with whom they are sharing a table. Here are some points to consider when putting together your wedding seating plan:

1. Top tables

Obviously the tables closest to the bridal table will feel the most privileged, so when arranging the seating and table placings it is important to allocate these tables to the bride and groom's closest family and friends or VIP's.

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2. Friends

It may seem like a good idea to break up groups of friends and sit everyone with new people, but at the end of the day you want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves. It is always a safe bet to sit people with guests you know they get on well with. Leave the getting to know others to after dinner when guests are mingling, dancing and are a lot more at ease!

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3. Divorced friends

In saying this, avoid seating a recently divorced friend at a table full of married couples they don't know and where they are the odd number at that table. Better to find a table with a healthy mix of single and married couples.

4. Married friends

You don't need to seat couples together however weddings are romantic, happy affairs, stirring memories in the minds of married couples, or thoughts of marriage in unmarried couples. A happier time will be had by seating couples together, and besides the last thing you need is a jealous partner constantly eyeing their other half throughout the reception!

5. Singles

If you have wedding guests who do not know anyone, make sure you seat them with the most socially gracious of your guests, people who will make them feel at ease, not those who will have their back to them all night talking to only those they know at the table.

It is of utmost importance to seat divorced couples, or guests who are notorious for not getting on, as far away from each other as possible. As we all know, arguements do break out after a few drinks, and the last thing you need on your wedding day is an unnecessary drama to spoil the evening.

6. Open seating

Open seating is an option, this way your guests can choose where they want to sit, however we recommend to avoid one person running around trying to find a seat you are better to allocate guests to a table number and then place themselves next to who and where they like at that table.

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7. Easy access

Anticipate the needs of any disabled guests and guests in wheel chairs and how they will get around the wedding reception. Seat them in an accessible place and in a place of honour where they can easily see the bridal table and all the wedding speakers. 

8. Babies & Children

Anticipate guests with prams. Seat them in an accessible place with little traffic so that the baby can be left to sleep undisturbed. For toddlers and children up to the age of 8 you may want to organise a baby sitter and a room for the kids to retire to after dinner to watch a movie while their parents enjoy the rest of the evening hopefully undisturbed. 

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Skyla Walton

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